Italian Contract 4HD at HD Expo 2023

Hospitality Design Expo + Conference is the leading tradeshow and conference for the hospitality design sector on the US market.

Every year, it brings together designers, owner/operators, brand executives, architects, purchasers, and manufacturers.

Since 2010, Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design has been on show with a selection of the best Italian companies in the contract and hospitality sector.

These are the profiles of the companies taking part to 2023 edition, at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, from May 2 to 4.













keeli schmidt

A talk with Keeli Schmidt, Sales Director of HD Expo

keeli schmidt

A talk with Keeli Schmidt, Sales Director at HD Expo + Conference, who unveils to Italian Contract 4HD some hints about 2023 edition.

The largest U.S. hospitality event of its kind, HD Expo + Conference features the latest products, services, and innovative developments from leading industry manufacturers.

How is the Italian Contract 4HD pavilion perceived by attendees?

HD Expo will be in its 32nd year and a lot of exhibitors go to launch products and to show new lines, and attendees are going to see that as well. Our feedback from the attendees about the exhibitors that participated with Italian Contract 4HD was very positive especially this past year because there’s not a lot of time for international travel. So to be able to see high quality products from Italy and to see what’s new and to meet new companies is the biggest feedback we get from our post show survey from attendees. They really want to meet new companies and see new products – of course a lot of the attendees go to see companies they work with all the time, but they’re really going to see what’s new and they go discover who has a new launch or new line or something that they are looking for their projects. So the companies that participated with Italian Contract 4HD were very well perceived. They were individual stands and views that really showcased themselves well but being as a group together with other Italian companies was also really wonderful. Attendees can walk around the whole area and see what’s high and upcoming in Italy and what can be represented in the States.


Coming to the next edition: how is the state of space selling for HD 2023?

We sold a lot at the show and we’re continuing to talk to companies. We are seeing now companies that have not been with us for the past 3 years coming back for next edition. Some companies set out for the past 3 years because of the pandemic, and now the budgets are coming back, the projects are coming back, so they they’re having a presence now being with us at HD Expo. So we’re taking more space next year and we’re even adding another entrance and the hall is starting to really be full. We’re expecting probably around 600 companies and we’re really excited about that.


Any special news for the show floor?

We’re continuing to add on activation spaces in the hall so we’re having engaging areas on the show floor that are in different corners and different areas. That really gets the attendees to walk the whole show floor. The aim is just keeping attendees on the floor and engage as much as possible, so they can really navigate and see the whole show instead of leaving and going downstairs to a session. So we’re creating and we’re building new spaces that are beautiful spaces to see and that’s what we’re really focusing on for next year and then.

For next year we will have our Social Hub that’s being designed by Kimpton Hotels and that’ll be an area where we have talks and sessions.

We’re also doing our Design Well Pavilion and that’s going to be designed by Highgate Hotels. That’ll be on the show floor too and talks and sessions will be going on there about Wellness, Wellness and design, Sustainability and how that is involving in our industry.

Then the third space that we’ll have on the show floor will be the HD park and it’s a massive space that’s being designed by Williams-Sonoma again with an outdoor theme.

We’re increasing the footprint for the Social Hub, Design Well, and HD park because they were well received in 2022 and they’re going to be more of a draw. It had a lot of positive feedback from exhibitors too last year because they were really excited to know they could go listen to a talk too if it was going on the Social Hub or Design Well pavilion without having to pay for a separate conference badge. So interesting just to hear what top attendees are saying about projects and what they’re seeing in their forecast and just learning what’s going on the industries nice to have going on the show floor for free.


Can you can you reveal something new for 2023?

We are doing a hosted buyer program where we sponsor for 100 top high profile attendees to come to the show. We really are trying to make sure about the quality of attendees. They have a diverse portfolio projects, so we’re really investing in making sure that the right people are there.

In addition to what we started this year – but we’re really promoting it – we’re giving the matchmaking program  to all exhibitors. That’s included in the exhibitor package, they don’t have to pay extra for it. When the exhibitors register (and we encourage exhibitors to register early so that they can get in and set meetings with attendees before the show), they can see the list of attendees, what they’re interested in seeing and reach out to them to set up these appointments. We are doing it a hybrid wave this coming year for 2023 where exhibitors can select whether to meet at their booth or we also have HD matchmaking lounge at the show.



Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design, besides coordinating the participation of Italian companies to Hospitality Design Expo + Conference, connects suppliers with professionals of the contract sector in the US.

ic4hd interviews Kevin Gaffney

IC4HD interviews Kevin Gaffney, HD Expo

ic4hd interviews Kevin Gaffney

IC4HD interviews Kevin Gaffney, Vice President and Group Show Director at Emerald, who shares his thoughts and impressions about the 2021 edition of Hospitality Design Expo 2021.

HD Expo + Conference is the largest hospitality event of its kind in the country, showcasing the latest products, services, and innovative developments from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

How is your impression about the industry you’ve met at HD Expo?

The industry was so excited to be back in person and see products up close and personal. The attendees that came to the show were very high-level decision-makers who were very keen on seeing new products and reconnecting with colleagues.


What are the main innovations this COVID pandemic has brought to the industry?

Honesty and transparency are needed in business, with product delays a current issue, expectations need to be set upfront at initial product request stage because there are many things out of manufacturing control. There is also a need for potential new products to accommodate Covid related model adjustments.


Can you already give us some anticipations about HD Expo 22? Any special feature to be introduced?

We will be back to three halls and look forward to having more companies back in the show with us in April. We will continue the features we added to HD 2021. We will also be launching a new matchmaking program that exhibitors can opt-in for a small sponsorship fee. Each sponsor will be guaranteed a number of face to face meetings with high-level decision-makers.


Can you tell us something about EFA and HCD Expo?

While both EFA and HCD were smaller in 2021 due to Covid, both events were well attended and the feedback from exhibitors has been overwhelmingly positive. EFA 2022 will take place April 2-5 at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; HCD 2022 will take place October 8-11 in San Antonio, Texas


Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design coordinates the participation of Italian companies and institutions to international events for hospitality and contract design like HD Expo, EFA Expo + Conference and Healthcare Design Expo. Contact us at to find out more about our services and read the series of IC4HD interviews.

jennifer kovacs silvis eng

IC4HD interviews Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, EFA Magazine

jennifer kovacs silvis eng

IC4HD interviews Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Editor-in-Chief at Environments for Aging Magazine, who shares her thoughts and impressions about the 2021 edition of Environment For Aging Expo + Conference.

The EFA Magazine is the industry’s premier source of insight, information, and inspiration, delivering to readers the latest senior living design news and in-depth coverage of new projects and trends.

How is your impression of the industry you’ve met at EFA?

The industry members who attend the EFA Expo & Conference are a passionate group of professionals driven by the shared mission of improving environments where people age. Many of them attend the show each year, embracing the annual opportunity to learn, network, and explore new products—all with the goal of walking away with fresh ideas to help support the design of environments where seniors can thrive.

What are the main innovations this COVID pandemic has brought to the industry?

Senior living designers and community owners/operators have learned a great deal about how smaller household models of care proved to be beneficial in controlling the spread of COVID-19 among residents and staff versus larger, institutional environments. That will be a key consideration moving forward for higher-acuity settings. However, across all levels of care and community types, the industry gained new appreciation for the value of social interaction and outdoor settings. Achieving meaningful connections between residents via built environment solutions and creating activated and purposeful outdoor areas will drive new projects in the future. 

Regarding the conference sessions, which are the themes that gained more attention?

In addition to the topics above, the industry is interested in how the design community can influence more affordable senior housing/support residential options for the middle market and achieve environments that offer opportunities for interaction between multiple generations by being integrated in existing neighbourhoods. These are themes that were top of mind pre-pandemic and that we anticipate will remain so going forward. 

Can you already give us some anticipation about EFA 2022? Any special features to be introduced?

The 2022 EFA Expo will return to our usual spring schedule April 2-5 in Milwaukee. We have a great session lineup in place across five tracks including Design Innovation, Community Engagement, and Case Studies & Lessons Learned. The expo hall is filling up quickly, and we’ll soon be identifying local senior living communities for attendee tours and planning our annual networking party to take full advantage of the local culture and flavor of our host city.

What are the expectations about the upcoming HCD?

The healthcare design industry is excited to be together in person again, safely. We’re thrilled that the event will take place in Cleveland, too—a home to numerous healthcare institutions and care delivery innovations (and the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll). We’ll be in the heart of downtown at the Huntington Convention Center, offering 20 hours of CEU-certified educational sessions, provocative keynote presentations, generous expo hall hours, annual awards celebrations, and networking events including our Cleveland ROCKS party.

Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design coordinates the participation of Italian companies and institutions to international events for hospitality and contract design like EFA Expo + Conference. Contact us at to find out more about our services and read the series of IC4HD interviews.


IC4HD interviews Hans J. Galutera, HG DesignWorks


Hans J. Galutera, the founder of HG DesignWorks, is a renowned expert in the art of interiors, and in the last 20 years he has been an important party for the creation of luxurious spaces in the world of hospitality. 

Through an exclusive interview, he shares with us his projects and a new point of view on the US hospitality sector.

What is your pulse on the hospitality design industry at the moment?

At the moment people are travelling a little bit less, but they’re travelling over extended periods of time. I think the average hotel room definitely will evolve. They want a place where they can feel safety, sanitary other than just sleeping or where they can eat. We are finding that they also want a place to prepare their own meal, to order a delivery and not have to eat it on their bed. Guests want to be able to sit and work on a laptop – and then have it all for short and long term stays.


Can you identify any particular trend and/or feature that has become increasingly important in hospitality projects building/renovation due to Covid emergency? And for the post-Covid restart?

Typically one would say the lobby is a key factor with hotel design but I think the guest room has become tantamount due to Covid. The hotel room has become a sanctuary focused on contemplation and self-care since you could not use the lobby during Covid. The desire for quiet has become increasingly significant and I think hotel brands should address what is really important within a room and strip back any unnecessary items. We are also thinking for our clients – how would you use the room if this pandemic happens again? We are given instances like what happened during this crisis where some hotels were turned into birthing centers, senior living facilities, triage, homeless shelters… what other ways can this room be used in functionality?


Which kind of projects are you working on most at the moment? Mostly renovations or new buildings?

Mostly renovations, at this moment, right now in New York City, New Jersey and Melbourne, VIC Australia.


What are the main features you search for in a supplier? How would you sum up the profile of your ideal supplier in 3 words?

When we were working with the big corporations such as Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises which are, I guess, floating hotels, we would develop relationships with different suppliers that have been pre-approved because of strict maritime codes and life safety guidelines. With new suppliers, we always want to make sure that there is accountability for quality issues. We need to make sure their production capabilities are excellent and most importantly the ease of communication is established. And if I was to sum up a great supplier that we have worked with: it would be trustworthiness, reliability and of course – flexibility (i.e. they must be ready to fix their mistakes effortlessly) which is the key word right in our current environment for all constructed environments.



Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design selects the best Italian firms able to face the US market for hospitality design, distinguished for a structured organization on site, real-time answer to requests coming from designers and specifiers, flawless executions within the agreed timing and mode. The best occasion where to meet IC4HD companies is at Hospitality Design Expo+Conference Las Vegas.