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Orvieto, Umbria, Italy – history, roots. Ponte Giulio has focused its operations on the bathroom sector, in both the private and public sphere, proposing a broad range of products and solutions. Almost 50 years of passion and professionalism dedicated to the development of products able to guarantee every user’s comfort and safety, recognisable by their style and attention to detail, both typical qualities of Made in Italy.
Ponte Giulio has always been committed to the implementation of methodologies for a continuous evolution and improvement of its products and services. A commitment to safety is central to the company’s work and influences our products starting from its design. Designing products for safe use in the bathroom requires special attention throughout the production process. Ponte Giulio is involved in a variety of actions to promote health and well-being: use of silver ion technology for protection against bacteria; careful selection of raw material to avoid the use of toxic substances; use of biocompatible materials.