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VENINI represents Italian excellence in the production of art glass. Venini is synonymous with authenticity, reflecting the perfect balance between Murano’s unique craftsmanship, the brand’s pursuit of excellence and bold, original designs with a modern take on tradition. Today, as yesterday, VENINI owes its continuous evolution to the transformation of ideas and inspirations of international artists and designers.
Founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini, a Milanese lawyer, and Giacomo Cappellin, a Venetian antiques dealer, Venini S.p.A. gained the most extraordinary achievements in the world of handmade blown glass.
For more than a century, the best master glassmakers and artists have met at the Furnace, giving life to a story of excellence and innovation that started in Italy but later spread all over the world.
With its iconic projects and new creations, Venini presents its works in two collections: Art Glass brings together a series of extraordinary sculptural vases and objects for interior decoration; Art Light features chandeliers and important lighting installations for large public or private spaces.
VENINI artworks are on display in art galleries and museums around the world as testimonials to the company’s standing in the art community.