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Basaltina is the exclusive quarry owner and worldwide supplier of Basaltina® natural stone. Founded in 1925, the Company extracts and selects this unique lava stone used since Roman times. The stone is appreciated for the colour, the minimal look and its versatility that makes it simple and elegant. Internationally renowned architects and designers as Norman Foster, Renzo Piano and Marcio Kogan sign their projects using the brand Basaltina®. Basaltina® natural stone is sold in slabs and cut to size/tiles with different sizes and finishes. Perfect for both interior and exterior applications, Basaltina® enhances and makes unique every different surface.

Basaltina has obtained national and international certifications on its products that prove its primary physical-mechanical features: resistance to both extremely high and extremely low temperatures and resistance to both compression and abrasion. Its versatility makes it suitable for most applications and types of workmanship. Furthermore, its distinctive grey colour perfectly matches with other materials.