Logo Londonart

Londonart a modern wallpaper has to combine design, practicality and materials.
The distinctive trait of a wallpaper is to be a contemporary and custom-made element able to satisfy space, covering and design needs.

Londonart produces tailor-made wallpaper, works of authentic craftsmanship, to meet different needs of space and everyday life. The identity of our brand is a combination of fashion, graphic elements, architecture, materials, fabric and aesthetics that fit into different lifestyles in a harmonious and functional manner.
A contemporary and custom-made design that becomes a pure decorative element for every context in which people live and build relationships: at home, at work or anywhere else you are spending time.Our experience and deep connection with contemporary needs have made Londonart wallpaper available to a worldwide circuit of designers, architects, interior designers and anyone else choosing one of our products. We have an international mindset and the artisan know-how of an atelier: a name, Londonart, that refers to the essence of the art of design, through creativity and planning.