The Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design Pavilion back in Las Vegas

IC4HD has been on show for the 10th time at HD Expo Las Vegas 2021 (August 24 & 25), the largest and most preeminent hospitality design tradeshow in the US, with some of the best Italian companies of the hospitality design sector, covering a wide range of product types: surfaces with Grassi Pietre and its Vicenza Stone, LEA North America for ceramics and Stoneglass® innovative material; design wallpaper for Londonart; carpets and rugs by Loloey; doors and windows by Piva Group; last but not least, indoor and outdoor furniture by Slide and Spazio Soft Seating.

Elegance, Reliability, Expertise and Technique: the features of the best players for the best performances. But not only: this year the company selection kept into account also the Green Factor: environmentally friendly and sustainable for the materials used, the processes adopted or low environmental load in terms of CO2 emissions.

In this 2021 edition, after last year pandemic limitations, a great number of decision-makers returned to HD Expo and safely attended 40 sessions with over 90 presenters and the exposition floor featured 850 exhibitors. As always, industry members have gathered to connect with peers and to experience what’s new in the sector and the attendee onsite verification goal saw a double digit increase from 2019 in attendee to exhibitor ratio.


My overall impression of HD Expo + Conference was extremely positive. I spoke with a lot of exhibitors and attendees onsite and I rarely heard anything negative. A lot of attendees that were at the show were serious buyers and the attendee to exhibitor ratio was higher. Also, we still have not received any information on a single positive Covid case tracing back to the event.

Jackson Schultz, Marketing Manager | Design Group, EmeraldX


During the conferences, Hospitality Design editor in chief and senior vice president of the design group at EmeraldX, Stacy Shoemaker, moderated some of the prominent industry leaders that shared their outlooks for the industry. Bruce Ford, senior vice president of Lodging Econometrics, during his annual presentation revealed his forecasts and trends for the hospitality industry through 2022. Lodging Econometrics states that, around the world, of the top 10 markets having over 100 projects in the pipeline, 5 are in the US, 4 are in China, and 1 is in the Middle East region. The markets with the largest hotel construction pipeline counts are New York (US), Chengdu (China), and Los Angeles (US). Research analysts also forecast an overall total of 2,802 new hotels/414,696 rooms to open by 2021 year-end worldwide, with a 2022 preview of +11.4% new hotels (about 1/3 in the US) and +14.8 rooms.

IC4HD – Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design coordinates the participation of Italian companies and institutions to international events for hospitality and contract design and is the organizer of the Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design Pavilion at Hospitality Design Expo + Conference. To date, more than 50 Italian brands participated directly (or with their US branches) to HD Expo, turning the IC4HD area into a pole of attraction of the entire show.

Next edition of HD Expo + Conference will be held in Las Vegas on April 26-28, 2022.

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PROJECTS | Slide | Private terrace – Lugano

Thanks to the Swiss partner Plastart Suisse, SLIDE realized an amazing outdoor private setting in Lugano, Switzerland.

The main protagonist is Happylife sofa in Avena colour, with new cushions in waterproof fabric. A customized Chubby Side Table, with Milky white body and HPL top with wenge nuance is the perfect soulmate.

Three of SLIDE best-sellers complete the setting: Peak high table, Koncord stool and Low Lita Lounge sunbed.

Discover the whole range of SLIDE products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.


GREEN | Grassi Pietre


Grassi Pietre places sustainability at the center of its production and business development policies. The natural materials are extracted from underground quarries, with a minimum impact from a landscape and environmental point of view for the surrounding area. When the quarry is exhausted, the entrance is secured, and the surrounding environment restored. The quantity of extracted material is regulated to allow the procurement of the company in compliance with regional and national regulations.

Grassi Pietre also pays attention to the use of renewable energy, thanks to the use of a modern photovoltaic system installed at the production plant in Nanto (VI).

With a view to recovering waste material resulting from the excavation and transformation of natural stone, in recent years Grassi Pietre has developed a line of cement agglomerates made with a mixture of Vicenza stone grit, white Portland cement and water. This product, called PIETRANOVA , allows the company to give new life to materials that would otherwise be considered as waste, and to improve at the same time the technical characteristics of natural stone. Only recycled material is used for the mixture, namely Vicenza stone coming directly from the Grassi Pietre quarries, which gives the finished product beauty and value, also thanks to the high percentage of natural stone used. Pietranova is available in three color variants, white, yellow and gray, depending on the residue of grit that is used in the mixture.

Pietranova is an ecological and environmental-friendly material, as it does not contain epoxy resins or dangerous chemicals. Aside from stone grit, only white Portland cement and water are used for the production of Pietranova: since cement is an inert material, the resulting agglomerate is completely ecological, free from harmful substances. Pietranova is a 100% Made in Italy product, is CE certified and meets all legislation requirements for the uses for which it is intended. Thanks to its low environmental impact, it can be installed in any place and is an exceptional solution for modern construction.

Grassi Pietre continues its investments in research and development, creating in the last year a new ecological product to integrate the Pietranova offer and recover production waste: a new cement agglomerate, called Alpi 4.0 , made with clasts of Grigio Alpi and Grigio Argento, produced without any resins or harmful chemicals.

Grassi Pietre aim to reduce production scraps is also demonstrated by the new PATTERN  collection for wall and floor tiles, created for the company new showroom in Nanto (VI). The reduced formats permit to make the most of the raw slabs, minimizing waste and optimizing production.

All this is possible thanks to Grassi Pietre team of experienced technicians and operators who are constantly updated, thanks to the continuous training that the company offers. In Grassi Pietre, technology and craftsmanship blend together: new refined projects made with the historic materials of the company’s quarries are the result of craftsmanship and the best technologies available for stone processing. The expertise of the team of highly qualified personnel allows Grassi Pietre to develop any project by offering the necessary technical and design support.

Discover Grassi Pietre at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.

PROJECTS | Slide | Babbi – Tokyo

SLIDE furnished the Babbi ice cream and coffee shop in downtown Tokyo with:

  • GINO tables (design Giò Colonna Romano): strong, resistant and with a square shape, Gino is the perfect table for outdoor lunch and dinner together. Its linear design and its small size adapt in every kind of settings, both in private houses or contract. Gino is a functional table but it doesn’t give up a touch of class, thanks to the matt glass top applied to the polyethylene structure.
  • ZOE chairs (design Guglielmo Berchicci): a contemporary and sophisticated chair, with a rounded silhouette and minimalist design. Its cozy shape makes it a great aesthetical presence but also it has got a comfortable sitting. Its slightly curved shape gently wraps the body, giving a feeling of extreme relaxation. Zoe is also particularly functional: it is easy to move, but also it is resistant, because of polyethylene. Zoe is suitable both in indoors or outdoors, both for private use and for creating suggestive contract settings and elegant events, both in its lacquered and luminous version.
  • X2 high tables: a luminous table designed primarily for contract world, ideal to indoor and outdoor settings. Its X-shaped base makes the table particularly functional, giving it stability and strength, but we don’t forget a touch of refined brightness. The square top gives a linear and minimalist design to the high table, and for this reason X2 is ideal to every type of furnishing.
  • DRINK stools (design Jorge Najera): a design item with a double personality: it is a bar high stool but also an ice bucket, it depends on how it is reversed. Designed by Jorge Najera, Drink reminds a glass shape, and it is ideal to furnish terraces, gardens, living in private houses, contract and events settings, in an unusual and funny way.
  • GLOBE hanging lamps: one of the bestseller family of the whole Slide production. Its simple spherical shape could create sophisticated and unusual settings, especially if you mix the different dimensions of Globo Hanging lamps together. Globo Hanging is ideal to revitalize every kind of settings with elegance and contemporary.

Discover the whole range of SLIDE products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.