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For the carpets in the public areas, guestrooms, lobby, ballroom and meeting rooms of the Hoodoo Moab, Curio Collection by Hilton, LOLOEY developed various custom designs inspired by its own KEZIA collection and natural textures.

Designed by Atwater Inc. Studio, the hotel won the award for the “Best Guestroom Upper Midscale” category at the Gold Key Awards competition.

Hoodoo Moab loloey
Hoodoo Moab loloey

Come and meet Loloey to discover all its collaborations at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.


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Another welcome comeback inside IC4HD group, Loloey brings back its great emphasis on the “well made”, which is typical of Italian design. Loloey researches, designs and manufactures high quality rugs and carpets for the contract, hospitality and residential sectors, combining tradition, value and durability, ranging from hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs to wall to wall carpet in Axminster. The company collaborates with the most discerning architecture and interior design studios in the world, developing each carpet according to the project’s specific needs, from concept to final installation.

Loloey launched in 2020 the SIRIUS collection: ten exclusive designs which are the result of careful and extensive research in historical archives and inventories of scientific images, studied and reinterpreted by Loloey’s creative team.

The SIRIUS collection comprises ten rugs, featuring a group of dark and one of bright designs. In the first group, hues range from intense ultramarine blues to more electric and saturated shades of purple. In the second group, milky whites and light blues shine with touches of brightness. Champagne tones, almost golden in their reflections, highlight all ten designs.

SIRIUS centers around the contrast between clean geometries and ethereal backdrops with large cloud-like shades. The choice of materials exemplifies this creative expression. The geometric elements are mostly woven with an innovative metallic champagne-colored yarn, which enhances the soft shapes and the fine lines, recalling jewelry. Other details have been created with felt and linen, compact yarns that are particularly well suited for sharp and linear shapes. The backgrounds are woven in New Zealand wool, which provides an intensity and vividness to the colors, and bamboo silk, whose soft and iridescent fibers perfectly represent highlights and subtle nuances.

Each design in the SIRIUS collection can be adapted to any type of carpet: from the refined hand-knotted technique, to the most versatile hand-tufted technique, or to the Axminster technique, which is widely used in contract projects.

The ten iconic designs of the Sirius collection were conceived as loose rugs but they can effortlessly be turned into wall to wall carpet covering for large areas without losing detail nor refinement, thus responding to the customization needs of each type of project.

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Discover the whole range of Loloey products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.

LOLOEY IC4HD iberostar hotel



4 star boutique hotel Iberostar 70 Park Avenue is situated in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan sector.
The hotel sophisticated and chic allure is the results of the blending of the heritage of its 1928 red brick and stone architecture with the modernity of its refined interior design.

Loloey produced two hand tufted area rugs for the lobby of the Iberostar Hotel in New York in 2017 and produced also the hotel’s custom axminster carpe for the guestrooms and the corridors, for a total of 58,000 sq. feet.




Loloey designs and produces a wide range of carpets and rugs from handknotted to handtufted and Axminster.
The company collaborates with the main interior design and architectural studios for the most discerning international projects ranging from 4/5 star hospitality projects to offices, casinos, yachts and also develops collections for numerous luxury home and fashion brands.

In addition, Loloey collaborates regularly with designers such as Kirk Nix, Karim Rashid, Daniel Libeskind, Alex Woogmaster on special collections.
loloey Iberostar Hotel New York



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Loloey produced two hand tufted area rugs for the lobby of the Iberostar Hotel in New York in 2017.

The two rugs have a dimension of 19’x12’, both of them have custom design and are made in New Zealand wool and polished cotton. Loloey worked in collaboration with Iberostar’s internal Design department, elaborating on their initial inspiration; in addition, Loloey also produced the hotel’s custom axminster carpets (80% wool – 20% nylon) for the guestrooms and the corridors, for a total of 58,000 sq. foot.