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Founded in 2002, SLIDE produces furniture, accessories and lighting suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The founder Giò Colonna Romano, engineer and entrepreneur, matches perfectly his imagination and creativity with a thirty-year know-how in the processing of plastic materials.

Thanks to the continuous evolution in ideas and research, the present and the future of SLIDE is full of novelties. SLIDE presents new materials, thanks to the introduction of soft polyurethane and new textures, and new shapes, whose lines come from the collaboration with internationally renowned designers. The world’s first major success has been the production of luminous furniture, of which it still maintains its leadership, and then extends 360° throughout the furniture world, developing different products and sectors. Between artisanship and industry, SLIDE finds its first home in Buccinasco, where the offices and production are still located, but its roots reach the heart of Milan, thanks to the new showroom in Foro Buonaparte. The name SLIDE is today known all over the world and the products, a fervent expression of the real Made in Italy, reach more than 130 countries.

Queen of Love is the unique armchair created by the designer Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti. The iconic Queen of Love armchair is the first and the most loved product of the whole Design of Love collection: as a throne, Queen of Love crowns everyone who sitting on it. Queen of Love is full in details, as typical baroque style, but it is contemporary, pop and ironic thanks to the material in which it is made, polyethylene. Queen of Love is elegant, attractive, pop and unforgettable, for this reason it is often the protagonist of tv shows and international events.

Discover the whole range of SLIDE products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.

New Entry to Hospitality Design Expo 2021: Spazio Soft Seating

IC4HD is very pleased to add another new entry to the group: SPAZIO SOFT SEATING

Inspired by soft & natural international coastal ease, The Spazio Performance Soft Seating Collection embodies the notion of “Tulum meets Mykonos” and in-between. The collection combines the ease of soft seating with the high-end, modern design style and quality. With grand, performance features and a com modious yet sleek design,this collection truly makes a clean statement in terms of presence and scale. They are slick and distinguished with a simple execution, and their volume and scale give them a grand presence as well as an inviting, all-enveloping sense of comfort.

The collection highlights remarkable outdoor performance characteristics. The pieces merge the ideas of style and comfort together, featuring wide, straight arms, an ample and inviting depth ideal for lounging and relaxing.

A Soft Seating collection that can incorporate European casual relaxed design, timeless tradition and quality into a modern marriage and understatement of ‘life’ and ‘style’. Each piece can be used in a full outdoor space, such as a patio, terrace, or deck, but also could be used indoor and can stand up to commercial traffic, pets and children.

Discover Spazio Soft Seating at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.

IC4HD HDExpo2021 PivaWindows

New Entry to Hospitality Design Expo 2021: Piva Windows

IC4HD HDExpo2021 PivaWindows

IC4HD is very pleased to add another new entry to the group: PIVA WINDOWS

Piva Group was set up in Italy in 1986 to manufacture insulation panels, doors and windows made of various combinations of materials, primarily aluminium and PVC for the building trade. The search for new techniques to develop innovative products has made the Piva brand known in Italy and internationally.

Among the most iconic products of Piva Windows is the Metropolitan 76 Tilt and turn window and door system .

Metropolitan76 is characterized by an elegant, modern design in harmony with the style of contemporary living.

Metropolitan76 is a 3-gasket system made of an L or Z-shaped, 76 mm thick, 6-chamber frame.

The new frame is fitted, as a standard feature, with a Warm Edge, laminated glass and perimeter hardware on the second leaf/sash. On request, it is also possible to customize the door or window by installing burglar-proof hardware and up to 49 mm thick glass.

For the most design-conscious customers, there is a choice of 3 different leaf/sash versions: Classic, Shaped and Minimal.

With the Classic leaf/sash, we create doors and windows featuring a squared clean line design that matches perfectly with classic and modern environments. The Shaped leaf/sash has more rounded geometries that give the door or window timeless elegance. The Minimal leaf/sash gives your living areas more light. Thanks to its particularly slim line all the light entering the surface of the door or window can be fully exploited. It has a linear and versatile profile that is suitable for any application, from renovated to new buildings.

Discover the technique of Piva Windows at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.