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Queen of Love (design Moro e Pigatti) is a timeless icon, this is why SLIDE took inspiration from infinity!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Queen of Love, SLIDE looked upwards: romantic, limitless, dreamy – the starry sky has been a source of desire since the beginning of time. Queen of Love “Stardust” shines bright like the stars, “Aurora” reflects the colours of the Northern Lights, “Andromeda” reminds of the endless galaxies, “Orione” recalls the most fascinating visible constellation.

The special editions Queen loves Nature adore the environment: the base colour is Jet Black, which is obtained by completely recycled plastic. Just like in a primordial chaos, the vergin recyclable material we use is only a small part, but it releases a mix of colours that only SLIDE deep knowledge of rotational moulding technology can turn into a tangible creation.

SLIDE loves the environment that surrounds its products: the production process works only with 100% recycled and recyclable polyethylene. SLIDE would respect the virtuous path of the circular economy: every products at the end of its life cycle, turns into plastic powder and it gives life to a new item. This is possible because polyethylene is 100% recyclable: the row material is a single-material polymer, so it is composed by a single type of material. Thanks to the purity of the material, SLIDE can 100% recycle the polyethylene, and the 40% of our production is recycled.

Discover the whole range of SLIDE products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.

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