PROJECTS | Londonart | Riverside Kitchen


Riverside Kitchen is one of the most renowned kitchen schools in New York City. Londonart decorated this exclusive location with Liviæ Hortus wallpaper.

LIVIÆ HORTUS: designed by Francesca Besso, it’s a botanical garden keeping vegetation from all over the world, palm trees, vines, bushes, and in the foreground a fruit tree reminiscent of Mediterranean gardens. The combination of the fresh shades of green and the colors of the fruits give life to an artistic wall covering capable of brightening up the space. The composition is animated by small birds that fly from one shrub to another. The style of this composition is timeless and brings us back to ancient illustrations and frescoes.


Location: New York, US

Year: 2020

Product / Support: Liviæ Hortus wallpaper / Raw-S120 / Non-woven Vinyl Substrate for interior

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PROJECTS | Lea Ceramiche | Perovsky Moscow


Lea Ceramiche’s Wood-Stock collection was chosen by the ADM Architects design firm for the large PerovSky residential complex in Moscow. 900 sq m of the wood-look collection covers the building’s entire façade, giving it a very elegant and textured effect.

The material chosen by the Firm is part of the Slimtech series: large ultra-light laminated stoneware tiles with a thickness of only 5.5 mm and a large size, up to 300 x 100 cm, which, in the case of the Wood-Stock collection, comes in 300 x 33.3 cm slats. Perfect for multiple uses both on floors and walls, Slimtech is both aesthetic and functional.

Wood-Stock’s wood-look texture, in the warm Honey Wood colour, recalls the natural effect of oak and perfectly harmonizes with the covering of the adjoining architectural volumes. The large sizes convey a unique visual impact that is unthinkable with traditional stoneware sizes. From a functional point of view, the high quality of the material and its high resistance to atmospheric agents and wear ensure that it remains unchanged over time and reduces the need for maintenance. Additionally, thanks to its reduced thickness, Slimtech is very flexible and adapts to every design need, such as the slight curvature of the PerovSky complex in which the tiles were used to accommodate the vault of the façade of the building’s lowest volume.

Project: PerovSky residential complex
Location: Moscow, Russia
Project by: ADM Architects
Year of construction: 2018

Lea Ceramiche products: Slimtech Wood-Stock
Design Research dept. Lea Ceramiche
Laminated porcelain stoneware reinforced with fiberglass
Colors: Honey Wood
Sizes: 33x300cm
Thickness: 5,5mm
With Protect antibacterial protection www.protect.panariagroup.it

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Founded in 2002, SLIDE produces furniture, accessories and lighting suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The founder Giò Colonna Romano, engineer and entrepreneur, matches perfectly his imagination and creativity with a thirty-year know-how in the processing of plastic materials.

Thanks to the continuous evolution in ideas and research, the present and the future of SLIDE is full of novelties. SLIDE presents new materials, thanks to the introduction of soft polyurethane and new textures, and new shapes, whose lines come from the collaboration with internationally renowned designers. The world’s first major success has been the production of luminous furniture, of which it still maintains its leadership, and then extends 360° throughout the furniture world, developing different products and sectors. Between artisanship and industry, SLIDE finds its first home in Buccinasco, where the offices and production are still located, but its roots reach the heart of Milan, thanks to the new showroom in Foro Buonaparte. The name SLIDE is today known all over the world and the products, a fervent expression of the real Made in Italy, reach more than 130 countries.

Queen of Love is the unique armchair created by the designer Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti. The iconic Queen of Love armchair is the first and the most loved product of the whole Design of Love collection: as a throne, Queen of Love crowns everyone who sitting on it. Queen of Love is full in details, as typical baroque style, but it is contemporary, pop and ironic thanks to the material in which it is made, polyethylene. Queen of Love is elegant, attractive, pop and unforgettable, for this reason it is often the protagonist of tv shows and international events.

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IC4HD-HDExpo2021-Londonart_CASACORMiami (2)

PROJECTS | Londonart | CASACOR Miami

IC4HD-HDExpo2021-Londonart_CASACORMiami (2)

CASACOR Miami brings together an international and local roster of architects, interior designers and landscapers to present their signature styles along with the latest interior furnishings, art, color trends, textiles, lighting, home accessories and global culture.

Londonart supplied 2 design wallpapers: Blitz and Looks in the forest.

  • BLITZ: Designed by Riccardo Zulato and made from ultra-thin special fibre glass yarn, obtained by fusion at a temperature of 1400°. Thanks to this procedure, the fibresmaintain the chemical and physical properties of glass, even in fabric form. It has an embossed surface like a slub fabric. Glass is flameproof.
  • LOOKS IN THE FOREST: Designed Francesca Besso, it’s a tropical jungle animated by lemurs that observe the viewer with a careful gaze, a landscape capable of decorating and giving a new dimension and perspective to walls, thanks to the dark tones animated by the colorful details of the vegetation.

Location: Brickell City Centre (BCC), Miami, Florida, US
Year: 2020
Product and Support: Blitz & Looks in the forest wallpapers / Kanda-S340 / Non-woven Vinyl Substrate for interior

casacor miami londonart
casacor miami londonart

Discover the whole range of Londonart products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.