Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design

IC4HD – Italian Contract for Hospitality Design is a brand by Lanari Associates, born in 2010 in Milan. The aim of IC4HD is to coordinate the participation of Italian companies and institutions to international events for hospitality and contract.

In 2011 IC4HD started a partnership with Hospitality Design Expo – Las Vegas: the most important US show dedicated to design for hotels, restaurants, casinos, theaters, cruise ships, theme parks, etc.
To date, more than 40 Italian companies participated directly (or with their US branch) to HD Expo, turning the IC4HD area into a pole of attraction.
IC4HD promotes the participants with an active online and offline communication activity and gives them assistance during organizational phases and show days.
The great results achieved and the strong partnership with Emerald Expo – the American organization leader in hospitality and furniture themed shows – brought IC4HD to identify further events focused on healthcare design and senior living.
HCD – Healthcare Design Expothe ideal meeting point for professional suppliers for healthcare structures. Over 3,600 high qualified visitors, have the chance to meet up during the exhibition moment, sessions of professional updating and networking events. Since 2003 each edition takes place in a different US city and the appointment for 2019 is in New Orleans, LA, November 2-5.
EFA – Environments for Aging: where are shown senior friendly solutions and design ideas, in order to create living and collective spaces suitable for the aging population. Next edition will be in Louisville, KY, April 25-28 2020.
With these two additional exhibitions, IC4HD aims at becoming the Italian reference point for qualitative proposals for hospitality and contract, promoting the best international initiatives and selecting the most suitable companies.