Lanari Associates and The Center for Health Design.

The agreement that will bring Italian companies to the US contract for healthcare hospitality market is now a reality.

For many years now Lanari Associates has been working in the US contract sector, thus acquiring a vast knowledge of the cultural environment and the various business development opportunities for Italian companies.

Lanari Associates, always in search of innovative proposals, has identified in the Healthcare sector, i.e. the collective spaces related to care and well-being, a new fast developing target with considerable potential.

Lanari Associates has established in this context an exclusive partnership agreement with the prestigious Center for Health Design. This US organization started in 1993 as a team of forward thinkers with the aim of promoting positive changes in the field of health care; its activities are based on research, education and advocacy. It pursues the objective of transforming hospitals, clinics, wellness centers and residences for medical care through conscious, knowledgeable planning that promotes using an evidence-based design process and is in tune with the environment, improving patients’ care as well as staff performance and wellbeing.

The Center brings together a community of architects, interior designers, researchers, engineers, healthcare executives and builders, that gather information, insights, inspirations to plan, design, build or renovate structures for healthcare and hospitality care. Through this partnership, Lanari Associates and The Center aim to provide Italian companies with a complete framework that includes information, training, Evidence Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC), marketing and tangible business opportunities, to access or consolidate their presence in this specific sector.

More info about the initatives for the upcoming months at the dedicated PAGE

Debra Levin, president and CEO of The Center for Health Design, introduces the partnership