Contemporary Collection

Space to the color with the Contemporary Collection wood floorings by Stile.

The use of innovative alkaline-based products and the combination with fine pigments create a unique and three-dimensional texture. This highlights both the sinuosity of the grains and the material character of the natural product. Entirely made of Oak wood, it’s available in four sizes: 120-140-180-240 mm wide.




Camelia chair

Tirolo Sedie produces Camelia with selected fine fabrics combined with beech wood to obtain the perfect result of elegance.

Every single part of Camelia chair is developed to be unique and well finished in every structural part, although hidden on the first visual impact.
Wood is turned on a lathe, in order to have chair legs with round outlines.
In addition the chromed metal details add an extra touch of glamourous allure to this collection, that has been created with a taste of fashion.




Kirk Nix and Loloey: a design collective

A wonderfully diverse and compelling new collaboration between Kirk Nix and Loloey. The result is a new rug collection, inspired by twentieth century artists, that is the anchor that can pervade any room in telling a story.

These carpets are unparalleled in their execution, with rich coloration and wool and silk fabrication.

These area rugs are skillfully executed to ensure consumer expectations are met, exceeded and ideally refined.




Pebble Collection

Mac Stopa‘s Pebble Collection for Mosaico Digitale is a wall tile with a tessellating star shape. The tile is made from smaller pebble-shaped forms in resin. Using a special design geometry, Mac creates a stunning organic mosaic effect achieved without any recognizable divisions between the tiles.

Thanks to the new resin technology the tile is strong but light-weight, durable yet flexible, and gives the possibility to replicate any photographic image on the tile, including graphic designs.

By changing the color of the tiles and the color of the grouting between the tiles. As a result, different graphic expressions on the finished surface may be achieved.

The tiles are available in a variety of colors, including solid and mirrored, are eco-friendly and 100% water proof. A perfect solution for wall tiles in the bathroom as well as for swimming pools.

One of many tile patterns that Mac designed for the collection, the Trulli pattern, exhibited during NeoCon 2015 in Chicago and winner of a Best of NeoCon Gold Award. Trulli is inspired by ancient trulli architecture, a tipical construction of the Puglia region in Italy. The Trulli symbols digitized in a 3D wave pattern with the colors of sea anemone give the pattern a distinct Mediterranean vibe.




Marvel Stone

Atlas Concorde focused on luxurious contemporary design with the Marvel Stone project.
Marvel Stone offers a wide and extensive range of coordinated marble and stone-effect tiles, where beauty meets the versatility of porcelain stoneware and the practicality of ceramic.