Kd50 drawer



Indel b

The Drawer compressor minibar KD50 has an elegant design and it is customizable according to customers’needs. It allows the operators to play with it and to place it in unusual or reduced spaces creating alternative solutions, with an innovative design.
The new concept of minibar is silent and smart, it provides a drawer system for being easily accessible from above. Products are well visible thanks to the two refrigerated compartments which easily become a single one.

  • New pull-out design;
  • Available with standard or wooden customizable door;
  • Energy management with Patented “Smart Technology”;
  • In compliance with the European Energy Efficiency Regulation 643/2009.
Elledue for Cruise Ships




Elledue produced 4000 pieces of the Brunico chair for Holland America. The chair was custom made for the client, that needed a stable and resistant product that could also be handy and easy to clean. Elledue realized then a hole on the top part that could be used as a handle, in order to improve the grip and the practicality of the chair. The drilled armrests are raised  from the seating part, allowing an easier cleaning; they also make the structure lighter and give a better grip to move the product around.

Elledue for Cruise Ships
Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola


TUBE By Imola


This is a new leap forward in the Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola experience that starts from a love of history, continues along the path of experimentation and then widens the trajectories of contemporary design by adding new generation slab tiles with an extra-size, 120×260 cm format and ultra slim thickness (6.5 mm).

TREX3 By LaFaenza


TREX3 is for those who love the timeless charm of marble.
Three types of marble – Italian, African and Asian – have been selected to present original products with widely varying veining features. The collection offers three different colours: black, white and dove-grey, and three surface finishes: a natural time-worn texture, a high-impact, gloss-honed surface for exclusive environments and a gold-enhanced finish for those who wish to create an environment that is totally unique. TREX3 adds to the LaFaenza range a large 120×260 cm slab tile with a slim 6.5 mm thickness that is designed for particularly demanding interior design projects.

Caesar Ceramiche




Ceramiche Caesar RUN is pure ceramic design with a minimal and contemporary look: this porcelain stoneware that has been “designed in Italy and made in the USA” gives value to modern spaces and becomes an essential contribution to style. The Run range includes three sizes (24”x24”, 12”x24” and 6”x24”) and a palette of four colours, which play with subtle irregular stripes, the result of stylistic research that enhances the strength of ceramics by means of delicate colours to give environments character and a contemporary flair.



Autore points the spotlight on the Venetian terrazzo tiles, one of the most original and renowned creations of Italian craftsmanship; it rewrites the story, made of love for the material and skilful composition, in today’s language.

A porcelain stoneware collection that captures for  the richness of details and the multifaceted appeal of ceramics.  Two surface finishes: an untreated one, of extraordinary beauty that reflects the authentic yet refined soul of its inspirational source and strengthens its personality, offering superior level performance, it is the ideal protagonist for residential and commercial spaces.

The second glossy finish has a strong reflecting power that mirrors a luminous present with a cornerstone of skilful Italian craftsmanship. It is the optimal solution for a design with a captivating glamour appeal in residential spaces and in commercial areas that do not have excessive foot traffic.

Six colours for a proposal that frames the concept of beauty from new exciting angles. A sequence that touches intense shades in the scale of greys, warms with a beige that has a cocooning personality and offers  contemporary design with a fascinating pure white. At the centre of the frame, the graphics enriched with quarts effect flecks conquer the scene with a stylistic interpretation with a highly emotional content.

Atlas Concorde



Atlas Concorde 3D Wall Design Stars means three-dimensional ceramic wall tiles, with spectacular personality that create decorative walls with its play of light and shadows. The ceramic wall tile is distinguished by a three-dimensional polyhedric structure based on a pyramid composition with decentralized vertex for an orderly and contemporary design.



Neutral surfaces for floor and wall tiles meet walls in new colors, from intense shades to the most delicate nuances. A rich palette of colors for projects of a metropolitan inspiration.