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Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design (IC4HD) is on show for the ninth time at HD Expo Las Vegas (May 15-17) with 14 among the best Italian companies of the hospitality design sector.
IC4HD coordinates ̶ since 2011 ̶ the participation of selected Italian players to the most important international stages of the contract sector, such as Hospitality Design Expo Las Vegas: the leading tradeshow and conference for the hospitality design industry on the US market.
Every year we feel like a talent scout, picking up the best players and their refined instruments on the Italian market. Those same players and instruments that a Maestro needs for their Orchestra, in order to deliver the best performances – says Antonella Lanari, Brand Manager of IC4HD – and we do think that this musical analogy represents the mission of IC4HD.
Indeed, as a Maestro needs to rely on each and one element of the Orchestra to deliver an unforgettable concert, a professional – whether it be a designer, an architect or a buyer – needs the best selection of reliable and expert suppliers with proven expertise and technique, able to provide the most elegant and performing products.
To create a successful show, IC4HD selected for 2019 the best range of performers with the most refined instruments. Ceramics and Marbles with Caesar Ceramics, Ceramiche Marca Corona, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola, Lea Ceramiche and Marmi Faedo. Indoor and outdoor furniture with Pedrali, Potocco, Slide, Talenti and Varaschin. Carpets and rugs with Loloey; appliances with Indel B; game tables with Impatia and leather furniture with Lealpell.
Elegance, Reliability, Expertise and Technique: the features of the best players for the best performances.

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The Touch of Italian Style

For the eighth time in a row, a cherry picked selection of the best Italian elements of the hospitality sector exhibits under the umbrella name of Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design (IC4HD) at Hospitality Design Expo 2018.

This year, IC4HD presents the record number of 13 companies participating in HD Expo: from outdoor furniture with Varaschin and Il Giardino di Legno to seating with Elledue, from carpet and rugs with Loloey to minibars with Indel B. From wall covering mosaics with Mosaico Digitale to floor and wall covering marble with Marmi Faedo, up to the 5 ceramics companies: Atlas Concorde, Caesar Ceramiche, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola, Lea Ceramiche, Marca Corona and Mirage.

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Atlas Concorde
Caesar Ceramics

Elegance, Reliability, Experience and Style are the common features of IC4HD participants: the best suppliers that can deliver the best results.

Elegant and stylish products grant the touch of Italian Style to any hospitality project.

Reliable companies: IC4HD exhibitors have proper certifications and features needed to work in international hospitality projects: ISO 14001 certification, Leed certification given by the US Green Building Council are among the certificates owned by IC4HD companies.

Ceramiche Marca Corona
Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola
Elledue Srl
Il Giardino di Legno
Indel B
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Experienced deliveries: IC4HD companies are suitable to perform into the best projects regarding the hospitality sector in the US market. They are all already distributed in United States  ̶  some of them also have production plants in the US  ̶  where they realized multiple projects for hotels, restaurants, theaters, cruise ships, malls, … .

hd expo hdexpo ic4hd
Lea North America
Marmi Faedo
Mirage US
Mosaico Digitale

As a conductor chooses the most excellent players for its orchestra, as a chef chooses the most tasteful ingredients for the its recipes, also architects and designers can choose among IC4HD participants the most excellent suppliers for their projects and realizations in order to get the best results with the best elements.

hd expo hdexpo ic4hd

Atlas Concorde (#4561), Caesar Ceramiche (#4760), Ceramiche Marca Corona (#4461)  Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola (#4660), Elledue (#4657), Il Giardino di Legno (#2337), Indel B (#4457), Lea Ceramiche (#4556), Loloey (#4656), Marmi Faedo (4560), Mirage (#4557), Mosaico Digitale (#4562) and Varaschin (#4661)are looking forward to meet you at HD Expo, from May 2 to 4 at Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay to add a touch of Italian taste to your projects!

Arrivederci in Las Vegas!


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