w hotel POTOCCO IC4HD HD EXPO 2019



For a luxury stay and international meetings, Potocco provided 200 pieces of Agra seatings at the W Hotel in New York.
The Agra chair is available in the hide leather version, with visible stitching on the back of the back.
The light stacking structure with or without armrests is in tubular metal or stainless steel.
PEDRALI lago restaurant IC4HD HD EXPO 2019




PEDRALI lago restaurant IC4HD HD EXPO 2019

Inside the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, LAGO Restaurant by the Spanish chef Julian Serrano offers a unique dining experience combined with innovative interiors inspired by Italian Futurism, designed by the design firm Studio Munge, based in Toronto. The core of the restaurant is the dining room, characterized by wide panoramic windows that provide a spectacular view over the legendary Fountains of Bellagio, furnished with the elegant leather seatings from Pedrali‘s Ester collection, designed by Patrick Jouin.

Ph.Credits: Studio Munge and the photographer Evan Dion


Ester is a mix of elegance, ergonomics and functionality: a precious monolith made of leathercomplemented by refined die-cast aluminumlegs. Ester collection with its soft and graceful lines, along with the great comfort offered by the seat made of polyurethane foam with elastic belts, distinguishes the interior of the most exclusive restaurants and hotels in the international scenario.

LOLOEY IC4HD iberostar hotel



4 star boutique hotel Iberostar 70 Park Avenue is situated in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan sector.
The hotel sophisticated and chic allure is the results of the blending of the heritage of its 1928 red brick and stone architecture with the modernity of its refined interior design.

Loloey produced two hand tufted area rugs for the lobby of the Iberostar Hotel in New York in 2017 and produced also the hotel’s custom axminster carpe for the guestrooms and the corridors, for a total of 58,000 sq. feet.

INDELB IC4HD four season orlando



Indel B supplied the Four Season Resort Orlando with more than 400 minibars, model K60 ECOSMART.

INDELB IC4HD four season orlando
Four Seasons Orlando, at Disney World is one of the main Indel B references. Known all over the world the luxurious chain is one the prestigious customers that chooses Indel B as trustful partner.

The line of K ECOSMART minibars enables hoteliers to choose eco-friendly and ultra-quiet products of the last generation with an exclusive design.
Thanks to the new compressors, which offer best performance, with cyclopentane insulation, cooling gas (R600), and the eutectic plate that keeps temperature constant at night (when compressor is OFF), K ECOSMART products are part of the A+++ Energy Class with a consumption reduced by 77% compared to the leading absorption minibars on the market.

The electronic timer: sets the working phases of the compressor.
Minimum 6 hrs over 24 (the energy consumption are extremely low).


The Smart System controls the turning on and off of the compressor based on the presence or absence of the guest in the room.
The use of the Smart System requires the presence in the room of an Energy Saver device: a card-holder designed to save energy.
To operate, the Smart System does not require any electronic timer or remote control.


In 2012 opened Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, projected form architects Alliance studio in Toronto.
The unit offers 259 spacious luxury hotel guest rooms, including 42 suites, in Toronto’s exclusive Yorkville district.

For this stylish hotel, they choose Indel B Drink 40 Plus minibar with glass door.

Drink Plus is the absorption minibars product line offered by Indel B.

A more advanced version of the existing, well known line of absorption minibars, the new Drink Plus line is innovative in terms of both its technical features and design.

The new aluminium grills, the new transparent beverage shelves equipped with circle-sharped bottle dividers, the modular inner door, the new LED internal light enable the hoteliers to choose ultra-quiet products of last generation with an exclusive design.

The increased insulation of the minibars and the better technology used to realize absorption cooling systems, make for considerable savings in terms of daily consumption.

Drink Plus models are available also with the elegant glass door, thanks to the fully transparent glass door in the internal LED light the minibar has a eye-catching style effect that will capture the customer’s attention and encourage consumption.

IMPATIA IC4HD impatia lungolinea

IMPATIA Lungolinea


The Impatia Lungolinea table featured in the Fancy New York pop up store transforms a Ping Pong table into a superlative object of design.
The space is the company’s headquarters office space, where the piece is integrated as a fun design object that is also aesthetically pleasing.