PROJECTS | Wall&decò | NH Hotel Touring – Milano

NH Touring Hotel in Milan is an all-round Milanese experience.

The entire design is devoted to Milanese-inspired views and nothing is left to chance.

The entrance opens onto an entirely customized wallpaper: the statues in the Duomo of Milan take shape in the lobby.

The restaurant area features ‘Treillage‘ wallpaper, which brings back the spirit of the inner courtyards of historic buildings.

The cocktail bar is immersed in the green of the ‘Brasilia‘ wallpaper, as if to recall a vertical tropical garden with a convivial spirit.

Project by Caberlon-Caroppi Studio

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PROJECTS | Stile | Palms Casino Resort – Las Vegas

The Kingpin Suite is one of the Theme Suites of the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas; it can host up to 10 Guests in its 4,240 sq ft and it’s equipped with private bowling lanes, game tables and a full bar.

Stile supplied Stilnovo Dark Oak Traffic UV and Lab Metal Shocking Pink Traffic UV for the flooring.



Project: The Kingpin SuiteThe Palms Casino Resort – Las Vegas

Stile products: Stilnovo Dark Oak Traffic UV | Lab Metal Shocking Pink Traffic UV

Project by: Klai Juba Architects, Ltd

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PROJECTS | Lea Ceramiche | BGI Ethiopia

High-performance surfaces for a famous brewery in Ethiopia

BGI Ethiopia, one of the largest brewers in the French Castel Group, entrusted the Rome-based Westway Architects firm with the design of its new headquarters, next to its factories in the centre of Addis Ababa. The renowned brewery wanted a very representative and impressive building that would powerfully relate to the urban context and the surrounding landscape. The main goal of the new headquarters is to express the corporate identity of a company that plays an important role in driving the Ethiopian economy. For all these reasons, the architects designed the façade to resemble a large beer mug, an original, yet institutional solution. The approach to the project was typically European, but respectful of the city’s traditions and context. Right on top of it, the building seems to unfold with a series of openings designed to ensure employees’ well-being. The building has eight floors and consists of a central core and two side wings.

Lea Ceramiche’s contribution

With the goal of combining two different building cultures, the traditional Ethiopian building structure – a reinforced concrete core and hollow concrete blocks with poor thermal performance – was flanked by a ventilated façade covered with Lea Ceramiche’s 3.5 mm-thick Slimtech surfaces, covering a total of 5500 square metres. The thin porcelain stoneware that wraps around the building recedes into the interior at certain points, becoming the cladding for the common areas and representing a continuous element between outside and inside. Slimtech includes slabs of record sizes (100×300 cm and 120×260 cm) characterised by an extraordinary lightness thanks to their reduced thickness, the result of a revolution in the traditional production process for resistant and flexible solutions. Lea Ceramica also made a significant contribution to the building’s interior with floor and wall coverings that fully express the brand’s product characteristics of strength, aesthetics and durability, offering exceptional performance that defies space and time. One of these is Protect® antibacterial technology, which protects surfaces 24 hours a day, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria.


Antibacterial performance became an essential part of this project, for which hygiene was a key requirement. This is why we used the material in all its forms and finishes on the floors, as well as in the building’s receptions and transit areas.

Arch. Maurizio Condoluci, Westway Architects

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PROJECTS | Londonart | Boutique Hotel Areadocks – Brescia

Located in the historic center of Brescia, the next Italian capital of culture in 2023, the Areadocks Boutique Hotel offers a new philosophy of hospitality, intended first of all as an experience.

Londonart supplied different collections of wallpapers, to make the common parts of this hotel even more unique.

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