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Privilege Mirage



The Privilege of excellence with precious details

Privilege slabs by Mirage are genuine gems in terms of wall coverings. They are re-interpretation of luxurious sought-after stones and elements of pure design. Technology and research joining hands to liberate shapes and colours, creating slabs that are ceramic works of art.

Skills of the craftsman is combined with the latest, cutting edge technology. The result is something truly unique for covering, decorating and interpreting how you want to live.

Privilege Mirage
marca corona



4D project

4D is a project by Marca Corona based on structures or rather a collection of projects that suggests a new manner of interpreting a collection of ceramic tiles so that these can be matched with other materials.

Two colors, namely white and blue, and a dstinctly three-dimensional aesthetic appeal that enhances both tactile and visual aspects of 4D project: surfaces are “chalky” and matt, decorations are instead glossy and metallic. The result is a ceramic tile with a contrast that blends matt and shiny.

marca corona