Since the year of its founding in 2002, Slide has been a leading company of outdoor and indoor decoration, lighting design for contract, events and residential areas. Slide creates colourful design objects, starting from a humble material as polyethylene elevating it to refined high quality, elegant and artistic products.
The present and the future of Slide is the constantly research for innovation, Slide’s main goal is to bring the quality, creativity and design culture of Made in Italy all over the world.

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LEA CERAMICHE IC4HD HD EXPO 2019Lea Ceramiche is the perfect synthesis of visionary design and technological performance. It is the partner of creativity anywhere in the world, for every single type of architectural project which seeks distinction through a unique and recognisable style. Continuous innovation, absolute performance reliability and a daring approach have made it an undisputed star of global architecture, enabling it to clench significant and prestigious partnerships with internationally acclaimed designers and project design professionals.
The company’s innovation is based on constant experimentation which, thanks to the development of cutting-edge production systems and technologies, enables Lea Ceramiche to offer its customers a wide range of top-quality products, earning it prestigious awards around the world, both for its excellent technical performance and design content.
Constant and significant investments oriented towards achieving an offer of collections for each season which exude personality have now culminated in Slimtech, the revolutionary ultra-thin design laminated stoneware available in 3.5, 5.5mm and 6mm and extra-sized up to 100×300 cm and 120×260 cm, suitable for uses which to date have remained inaccessible to traditional ceramics.


Discover the past to create the future. Since 1969, the bond between traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions characterizes Varaschin, a Venetian company leader in the outdoor market. Each product line has its own story and identity, but the re-interpretation of the weave concept is the common denominator among them.
Attention to detail, originality and aesthetic care are core features of Varaschin products, which are unique, sophisticated and elegant. The vision of a unique space both in the house and contract environment, inspires furniture which expands and connects the outdoors with the indoors, in a balanced game between lightness and comfort.

Varaschin is presented by TB Contract. With nearly 15 years of experience in the furniture industry throughout Europe and the US, TB Contract understands what it takes to create complex commercial projects, and the need for a trusted furniture partner who delivers to the clients’ exacting specifications, solve problems before they arise, and exceed expectations with each and every product.




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Loloey was founded in 1963 in Milan and is known internationally as a manufacturer of custom carpets and rugs. A family business, with the DNA of an Italian and international company, it finds its entrepreneurial origins in the father Jalil Loloey and is led today by the second generation, the brothers Tony and William.

The offices in Milan and Las Vegas, and the representatives in Europe, the United States and the Middle East, allow the company to offer custom carpets and rugs, with a wide range of techniques and materials to suit every need. Loloey serves the hospitality, marine, gaming and luxury residential sectors, ensuring a high level of planning, management and service for every project.

Loloey works with some of the world’s most celebrated architecture and interior design firms, such as Rockwell Group, HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates, Richmond, Stonehill Taylor and Tihany Design.
A dedicated team is responsible for the creation of each product, ensuring that it fits the specific requirements, following the development of the entire process, from initial concept to installation. Four Seasons, Marriott, Langham, Hilton, Warwick and Mandarin Oriental are just a few of the brands that rely on Loloey carpets for their hotels. We also have a private clientele for whom we have developed luxury residential carpets, from Qatar to Russia, and from Dubai to Kazakhstan.


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Indel B is a leader in the refrigeration industry with over 50 years of experience and over 400 employees. The company product portfolio consists of minibars, safes, fridges for the marine and automotive industries as well as wine-cellars. The company distinguishes itself for innovation and technology and environmental friendliness.