The history of Cantarutti is the result of an evolution that began in 1970, producing wooden seats and furniture exported all over the world. Nowadays, with the younger generations of the family, Cantarutti is focusing on craftsmanship, construction and creative elements, giving shape to new ideas, to convey their personal vision of design, their conception of a seating. Quality, perfect construction, accurate selection of materials, careful attention to the finishes: Cantarutti offers highly customized seats produced with cutting-edge technologies for a top quality handcrafted finish.


Orbital Design Collective Calligaris Connubia DitreItalia LucePlan

Orbital Design Collective is a group of 5 companies leader in the furniture and lighting sector at an international level. A dynamic Group born to adapt to the rapid changes that the market has been experiencing in recent years. The goal is to offer customers a complete catalog ranging from chairs to lighting, both in the residential sector and in the contract world, through a constant exchange of skills.

The Group is one of the main aggregation poles of leading Italian brands in the furniture and lighting sector at an international level. The company develops, produces, assembles and distributes its furniture products through the five brands Calligaris, Connubia, Ditre Italia, Luceplan and Fatboy with a network of over 8,000 points of sale in 100 countries.


VENINI represents Italian excellence in the production of art glass. Venini is synonymous with authenticity, reflecting the perfect balance between Murano’s unique craftsmanship, the brand’s pursuit of excellence and bold, original designs with a modern take on tradition. Today, as yesterday, VENINI owes its continuous evolution to the transformation of ideas and inspirations of international artists and designers.
Founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini, a Milanese lawyer, and Giacomo Cappellin, a Venetian antiques dealer, Venini S.p.A. gained the most extraordinary achievements in the world of handmade blown glass.
For more than a century, the best master glassmakers and artists have met at the Furnace, giving life to a story of excellence and innovation that started in Italy but later spread all over the world.
With its iconic projects and new creations, Venini presents its works in two collections: Art Glass brings together a series of extraordinary sculptural vases and objects for interior decoration; Art Light features chandeliers and important lighting installations for large public or private spaces.
VENINI artworks are on display in art galleries and museums around the world as testimonials to the company’s standing in the art community.


Orvieto, Umbria, Italy – history, roots. Ponte Giulio has focused its operations on the bathroom sector, in both the private and public sphere, proposing a broad range of products and solutions. Almost 50 years of passion and professionalism dedicated to the development of products able to guarantee every user’s comfort and safety, recognisable by their style and attention to detail, both typical qualities of Made in Italy.
Ponte Giulio has always been committed to the implementation of methodologies for a continuous evolution and improvement of its products and services. A commitment to safety is central to the company’s work and influences our products starting from its design. Designing products for safe use in the bathroom requires special attention throughout the production process. Ponte Giulio is involved in a variety of actions to promote health and well-being: use of silver ion technology for protection against bacteria; careful selection of raw material to avoid the use of toxic substances; use of biocompatible materials.


Basaltina is the exclusive quarry owner and worldwide supplier of Basaltina® natural stone. Founded in 1925, the Company extracts and selects this unique lava stone used since Roman times. The stone is appreciated for the colour, the minimal look and its versatility that makes it simple and elegant. Internationally renowned architects and designers as Norman Foster, Renzo Piano and Marcio Kogan sign their projects using the brand Basaltina®. Basaltina® natural stone is sold in slabs and cut to size/tiles with different sizes and finishes. Perfect for both interior and exterior applications, Basaltina® enhances and makes unique every different surface.

Basaltina has obtained national and international certifications on its products that prove its primary physical-mechanical features: resistance to both extremely high and extremely low temperatures and resistance to both compression and abrasion. Its versatility makes it suitable for most applications and types of workmanship. Furthermore, its distinctive grey colour perfectly matches with other materials.