Bradley Residence cooperativa ceramica imola ic4hd 2015


Bradley Residence cooperativa ceramica imola ic4hd 2015

Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola

Bradley Residence in Scottsdale, an architecture characterized by floor-to-ceiling glass panels and white walls, stands out like an observatory in the Arizona desert landscape, a region where nature is unforgiving but whose wild appeal captivates lovers of open spaces, the boundless horizons punctuated by the distant ring of peaks and mountains. In this bold project created by Michael P. Johnson Design, the Architect has succeeded in combining the legacy of the Modern Movement with the minimalism.

To underscore the unbroken dialogue between internal spaces and the 400 square meter external area that opens out onto nature, the Architect chose through-bodied porcelain tile in two finishes and the color white, suited to the specific requirements, proved successful not only aesthetically and technically but also in terms of the broader sustainability of the project.


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