parade Cooperativa Ceramica Imola IC4HD HD EXPO 2019

When talking about Parade we cannot fail to mention the definition of the granules: crushed marble and stone mixed with white or coloured concrete, that once hardened imitate granite.

The product draws its inspiration from history, research and technology, in a project driven by the respect for the materials and their origins.

With a range made up of ninety basic articles, PARADE fits into a wide spectrum of possible uses, from residential and commercial environments, and for any floor or outside surface, thanks to a component that is both aesthetic and totally technical at the same time.

There are six colours in the range, in a chromatic scale from grey to a softer beige, in three formats: 120×120 cm, 60×120 cm, 60×60 cm.



The great intrinsic potential of white pushed LaFaenza to seek natural surfaces to apply to it.

And it is from nature that LaFaenza draws its inspiration, creating six distinct marble surfaces (3 typers of calacatta, 1 onyx and 2 travertine) with a single common factor, white.

White is offered in the new  90×180 cm format and the classic 90×90 cm format, with two surface versions: one natural with an uneven surface, and one lapped gloss.

A real tribute to the classic qualities of marble.