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keeli schmidt

A talk with Keeli Schmidt, Sales Director of HD Expo

keeli schmidt

A talk with Keeli Schmidt, Sales Director at HD Expo + Conference, who unveils to Italian Contract 4HD some hints about 2023 edition.

The largest U.S. hospitality event of its kind, HD Expo + Conference features the latest products, services, and innovative developments from leading industry manufacturers.

How is the Italian Contract 4HD pavilion perceived by attendees?

HD Expo will be in its 32nd year and a lot of exhibitors go to launch products and to show new lines, and attendees are going to see that as well. Our feedback from the attendees about the exhibitors that participated with Italian Contract 4HD was very positive especially this past year because there’s not a lot of time for international travel. So to be able to see high quality products from Italy and to see what’s new and to meet new companies is the biggest feedback we get from our post show survey from attendees. They really want to meet new companies and see new products – of course a lot of the attendees go to see companies they work with all the time, but they’re really going to see what’s new and they go discover who has a new launch or new line or something that they are looking for their projects. So the companies that participated with Italian Contract 4HD were very well perceived. They were individual stands and views that really showcased themselves well but being as a group together with other Italian companies was also really wonderful. Attendees can walk around the whole area and see what’s high and upcoming in Italy and what can be represented in the States.


Coming to the next edition: how is the state of space selling for HD 2023?

We sold a lot at the show and we’re continuing to talk to companies. We are seeing now companies that have not been with us for the past 3 years coming back for next edition. Some companies set out for the past 3 years because of the pandemic, and now the budgets are coming back, the projects are coming back, so they they’re having a presence now being with us at HD Expo. So we’re taking more space next year and we’re even adding another entrance and the hall is starting to really be full. We’re expecting probably around 600 companies and we’re really excited about that.


Any special news for the show floor?

We’re continuing to add on activation spaces in the hall so we’re having engaging areas on the show floor that are in different corners and different areas. That really gets the attendees to walk the whole show floor. The aim is just keeping attendees on the floor and engage as much as possible, so they can really navigate and see the whole show instead of leaving and going downstairs to a session. So we’re creating and we’re building new spaces that are beautiful spaces to see and that’s what we’re really focusing on for next year and then.

For next year we will have our Social Hub that’s being designed by Kimpton Hotels and that’ll be an area where we have talks and sessions.

We’re also doing our Design Well Pavilion and that’s going to be designed by Highgate Hotels. That’ll be on the show floor too and talks and sessions will be going on there about Wellness, Wellness and design, Sustainability and how that is involving in our industry.

Then the third space that we’ll have on the show floor will be the HD park and it’s a massive space that’s being designed by Williams-Sonoma again with an outdoor theme.

We’re increasing the footprint for the Social Hub, Design Well, and HD park because they were well received in 2022 and they’re going to be more of a draw. It had a lot of positive feedback from exhibitors too last year because they were really excited to know they could go listen to a talk too if it was going on the Social Hub or Design Well pavilion without having to pay for a separate conference badge. So interesting just to hear what top attendees are saying about projects and what they’re seeing in their forecast and just learning what’s going on the industries nice to have going on the show floor for free.


Can you can you reveal something new for 2023?

We are doing a hosted buyer program where we sponsor for 100 top high profile attendees to come to the show. We really are trying to make sure about the quality of attendees. They have a diverse portfolio projects, so we’re really investing in making sure that the right people are there.

In addition to what we started this year – but we’re really promoting it – we’re giving the matchmaking program  to all exhibitors. That’s included in the exhibitor package, they don’t have to pay extra for it. When the exhibitors register (and we encourage exhibitors to register early so that they can get in and set meetings with attendees before the show), they can see the list of attendees, what they’re interested in seeing and reach out to them to set up these appointments. We are doing it a hybrid wave this coming year for 2023 where exhibitors can select whether to meet at their booth or we also have HD matchmaking lounge at the show.



Italian Contract 4 Hospitality Design, besides coordinating the participation of Italian companies to Hospitality Design Expo + Conference, connects suppliers with professionals of the contract sector in the US.

Hospitality Lo stato dell'Industria USA

Hospitality – Lo stato dell’Industria USA

Molti dei principali mercati e delle famose destinazioni turistiche degli Stati Uniti hanno visto un aumento significativo della domanda durante la prima metà dell’anno 2022. Sostenuti dal leisure e dal business travel anche a livello internazionale, questi mercati hanno registrato il più alto tasso di occupazione rispetto all’inizio del 2020. Incoraggiati dalla tendenza al rialzo nelle performance degli hotel, i proprietari (singoli e le catene), gli sviluppatori e gli investitori stanno portando avanti robusti piani di sviluppo per i prossimi anni.

Lo confermano i dati. Lodging Econometrics (LE), che monitora costantemente il settore, ha pubblicato il suo Global Construction Pipeline Trend Report semestrale in cui emerge che alla fine del secondo trimestre sono gli USA il primo paese per numero di progetti con 5.220 progetti/621.268 stanze, quindi il 37% di progetti nella pipeline a livello globale.

All’interno degli USA, i primi cinque mercati con le pipeline più corpose per la costruzione di hotel sono Dallas, con un conteggio record di 173 progetti/20.707 camere; seguono Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, e Phoenix.
Anche l’outlook per i prossimi 12 mesi rimane positivo: sempre secondo LE, sono previsti 2.009 progetti/232.163 stanze, in aumento entrambi i dati del 9%, per il 68% concentrati nei livelli alto e medio alto.

top 5 markets with the largest hotel construction pipelines

Per rimanere aggiornati sui trend dell’hospitality design è fondamentale rimanere in contatto con i professionisti del settore. Italian Contract 4HD da oltre 10 anni dialoga costantemente con gli operatori del settore, organizza la partecipazione delle aziende italiane alle più importanti fiere americane dell’hospitality design e le aiuta ad introdursi nel mercato statunitense.

Per maggiori informazioni sulle modalità di partecipazione, potete scrivere a oppure compilare il form qui a lato

    In osservanza del regolamento UE 2016/679 in materia di protezione dei dati (GDPR), dichiaro di aver preso visione dell'informativa sulla privacy, ed acconsento alla memorizzazione ed il trattamento dei dati personali da parte di Lanari Associates. Vi informiamo che i dati personali sono richiesti, raccolti e trattati ai soli fini di poter dar seguito alla richiesta di maggiori informazioni e nei limiti previsti dalla relativa normativa.

    GREEN | Londonart

    Londonart GREEN-S560 is the non-woven fabric, PVC-free wall covering. It is made of pressed cellulose fibres and is recyclable and breathable.

    Green is ideal for residential use and for anyone who cares about the environment. It is the perfect solution for the stylish customisation and makeover of household settings, such as the living room or bedroom.

    Discover the whole range of Londonart products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, April 26-28, 2022.

    Back to Hospitality Design Expo 2022: Londonart

    IC4HD is pleased to welcome back to Hospitality Design Expo Londonart, the iconic Italian brand of wallpapers. The brand identity is an explosive combination of fashion, graphic and architectural elements. Materials, fabrics, aesthetics and decoration are combined with functionality and the need to rationalize spaces, resulting in solutions with a strong impact.

    Londonart presents its new cooperation with Gio Pagani, The Daydreamer Vol.2.

    The Daydreamer expands its offer with the second volume of the collection, the result of a narrative that is already present in the Gio Pagani world, but revisited and full of new stimuli, inspired by the decorative elements that remain indelible in the imagination of an atmosphere. A single thought that wants to take on different styles and that expresses the desire to discover graphical aspects that may even be opposed to one another, but that exist within a well-defined creative and emotional philosophy. An all-encompassing path where design, fashion, music, photography, and architecture come together in a natural and sophisticated mix.

    Below, the different finishes of COME BACK BABY

    Discover the whole range of Londonart products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, April 26-28 2022.

    New Entry at Hospitality Design Expo 2022: Wall&decò

    Very glad to welcome Wall&decò for its 1st participation at Hospitality Design Expo 2022.

    Wall&decò is a reference point in the production and marketing of contemporary made-to-measure wallpaper. The wide range of products and an increasingly international market are underpinned by a sartorial vocation for unique products, developed ad hoc and readapted to each specific project to provide bespoke wall decoration solutions.

    Quality, technique and aesthetics are the pillars of Wall&decò operation on a daily basis. Wall&decò offers a design service with various levels of customization, ranging from the adaptation of colors and sizes of numerous graphics in the collection, to the creation of entirely new subjects created specifically for the customer, satisfying even the most complex project requirements.

    One of Wall&decò most iconic wallpapers is Moon River, designed by Lorenzo De Grandis, for the collection Contemporary Wallpaper 2021.

    Contemporary Wallpaper is the collection of wallpapers for interiors that develops the theme of macro-subjects, reproportioned each time on the wall to create real vertical stories. Contemporary Wallpaper is available on three different substrates: CWC, the Wall&decò vinyl whose unmistakable weave generates a precious fabric effect – Bronzage, the vinyl with a metal effect designed to add a new value to surfaces and make them different each time as the incidence of light changes, and the ultra-modern, sustainable CWC-ECO substrate.

    Discover all Wall&decò collections at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas 2022, April 26 to 28.