libeskind for loloey


Created by Daniel Libeskind for Loloey, this limited edition rug collection has been conceived with architectural inspiration a series of unique rugs and carpets, each with its colour variations, for contract and retail markets.
Inspired by fractal geometry that can be recognized throughout Libeskind’s body of work, these vibrant coloured, geometric patterns are abstract and unique within each piece.
The luxurious Italian carpet collection is truly unique and functional, handmade through a tufting technique with 100% bamboo silk carved to enhance the geometric, clean-cut lines of the design.
To launch this new collection, Loloey will present ten special editions, including two rugs based on Libeskind’s famous Microgames drawing series.

The carpets display Libeskind’s longstanding interest in the interplay between order and disorder, echoed throughout Libeskind’s body of work:

Disorder and arbitrariness – arising from a delusion of order pushed way beyond its limits – unveil, according to a strange paradox, their own logic: a structure that, just like a secret and inaccessible truth, was foreshadowed in the seductive depths af chaos.

Daniel Libeskind. La linea del fuoco. Scritti, Disegni, Macchine. ed. Quodlibet

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