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Varaschin - IC4HD - HD Expo 22 - The One Hotel & Apartments - Caorle (5)

PROJECTS | Varaschin | The One Hotel & Apartments – Caorle

Varaschin - IC4HD - HD Expo 22 - The One Hotel & Apartments - Caorle (5)

The elegant and refined rooftop of The One Caorle Hotel & Suite Family Apartments,  the brand new luxury concept with a modern design, located in the heart of the homonymous city and seaside resort, is signed by Varaschin.

A real living room in the sky, equipped with an infinity pool, where guests can enjoy a suggestive 360° view.

Beds, armchairs, stools, modular sofas: the proposals are many, all shared by colors matching with the surrounding spaces.

The Emma Cross armchairs in denim color with a relaxing design match perfectly with the beige of the daybeds of the Emma collection, embellished with a hand-woven fiber backrest.

To complete the terrace you can find the Belt daybeds with their curved lines, rounded profiles and light tones make the environment versatile and elegant and the Plinto coffee tables the perfect support for any object.

Discover the whole range of Varaschin products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, April 26-28, 2022.

Back to Hospitality Design Expo 2022: Londonart

IC4HD is pleased to welcome back to Hospitality Design Expo Londonart, the iconic Italian brand of wallpapers. The brand identity is an explosive combination of fashion, graphic and architectural elements. Materials, fabrics, aesthetics and decoration are combined with functionality and the need to rationalize spaces, resulting in solutions with a strong impact.

Londonart presents its new cooperation with Gio Pagani, The Daydreamer Vol.2.

The Daydreamer expands its offer with the second volume of the collection, the result of a narrative that is already present in the Gio Pagani world, but revisited and full of new stimuli, inspired by the decorative elements that remain indelible in the imagination of an atmosphere. A single thought that wants to take on different styles and that expresses the desire to discover graphical aspects that may even be opposed to one another, but that exist within a well-defined creative and emotional philosophy. An all-encompassing path where design, fashion, music, photography, and architecture come together in a natural and sophisticated mix.

Below, the different finishes of COME BACK BABY

Discover the whole range of Londonart products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, April 26-28 2022.

New Entry at Hospitality Design Expo 2022: Wall&decò

Very glad to welcome Wall&decò for its 1st participation at Hospitality Design Expo 2022.

Wall&decò is a reference point in the production and marketing of contemporary made-to-measure wallpaper. The wide range of products and an increasingly international market are underpinned by a sartorial vocation for unique products, developed ad hoc and readapted to each specific project to provide bespoke wall decoration solutions.

Quality, technique and aesthetics are the pillars of Wall&decò operation on a daily basis. Wall&decò offers a design service with various levels of customization, ranging from the adaptation of colors and sizes of numerous graphics in the collection, to the creation of entirely new subjects created specifically for the customer, satisfying even the most complex project requirements.

One of Wall&decò most iconic wallpapers is Moon River, designed by Lorenzo De Grandis, for the collection Contemporary Wallpaper 2021.

Contemporary Wallpaper is the collection of wallpapers for interiors that develops the theme of macro-subjects, reproportioned each time on the wall to create real vertical stories. Contemporary Wallpaper is available on three different substrates: CWC, the Wall&decò vinyl whose unmistakable weave generates a precious fabric effect – Bronzage, the vinyl with a metal effect designed to add a new value to surfaces and make them different each time as the incidence of light changes, and the ultra-modern, sustainable CWC-ECO substrate.

Discover all Wall&decò collections at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas 2022, April 26 to 28.

New Entry at Hospitality Design Expo 2022: Casa Zeta

Very glad to welcome Casa Zeta for its 1st participation at Hospitality Design Expo 2022.

Casa Zeta was founded in Northern Italy over 35 years ago by the Zanni brothers. What started as a small carpentry business has grown dynamically into manufacturing FF&E and Millworks for some of the most influential global hospitality and high-end residential projects. The specialized techniques, variety of materials, professional approach, and client-centered customer service make Casa Zeta a trusted partner for a broad spectrum of clientele.

Casa Zeta manufactures custom made high-quality bespoke furniture and handles installations anywhere in the world with skilled teams of specialists.

The key values of the company may be summed up as:

  1. SERVICE-DRIVEN, CLIENT-CENTERED. Exceeding clients’ expectations is central to the company’s culture.
  2. WORLDWIDE. Casa Zeta manufactures furniture for projects worldwide.
  3. CRAFTSMANSHIP, THE BASE OF CASA ZETA PRODUCTION. Traditional manufacturing techniques combined with the latest technologies to deliver high-quality products.
  4. LEGACY. With over 30+ years of operational legacy, Casa Zeta is now a 2nd generation family business.

Discover more about Casa Zeta at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas 2022, April 26 to 28.

Back to Hospitality Design Expo 2022: Varaschin with TB Contract

Varaschin is back at Hospitality Design Expo 2022.

Over 50 years of expertise and design devoted to the quality of outdoor relaxation, Varaschin has been making outdoor furniture elements and accessories since 1969. The result of its work can be admired and touched by hand in products that stand out both for the ability to perfectly combine form and function while maintaining comfort at the center of the design, and for the special attention that, from conception to construction, is reserved for attention to detail, the value of which reflects the uncompromising quality of the whole.

Varaschin is presented by TB Contract. With nearly 15 years of experience in the furniture industry throughout Europe and the US, TB Contract understands what it takes to create complex commercial projects, and the need for a trusted furniture partner who delivers to the clients’ exacting specifications, solve problems before they arise, and exceed expectations with each and every product.

Varaschin iconic products is the Daybed Emma Cross, designed by Monica Armani

The idea of sofa meets the bed: and here is daybed. The one from the Emma Cross collection stands out for the shape, decidedly cocooning thanks to the backrest-armrests combination, distinguished by the weaving, handmade in acrylic fabric Band, on a powder-coated aluminium frame. The seat cushion with Dryfeel® foam padding, suitable for outdoor use, and the 7 back cushions are included.


Discover the whole range of Varaschin products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas 2022, April 26 to 28.