indel b 83 ic4hd


indel b 83 ic4hd

Indel B

Indel B K EcoSmart models utilize the new energy efficient compressor cooling unit. A space-age eutectic plate mounted in the rear of the unit provides over 12 hours of cooling without consuming additional electricity, once the target temperature has been reached.

For these reasons, K EcoSmart draws 83% less energy than the best typical absorption minibars available on the market, it is environment-care designed and at the same time it grants a significant economic saving.

K EcoSmart is the first minibar in A+++ energy efficiency class available on the market and is the first minibar in the world that simply detects the presence of the guest in the room and stops compressor operation: the compressor operation starts again when the guest goes out from the room.


lea ceramiche 2643000 ic4hd

Lea Ceramiche

2012 Lea Ceramiche sales equaled 2,643,000 square meters


gervasoni 70 export


… the percentage of export in Gervasoni’s turnover, of which 30% to Extra European countries and 40% to European countries, for a distribution that reaches more than 50 Countries worldwide


new life 2500 ic4hd

New Life

… the hours per year dedicated to prototype custom made items

HD Expo 2014



This year, for the fourth time a cherry picked selection of the best Italian companies in the hospitality design sector is on show at HD Expo – one of the most important fairs in the trade held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from May 14th to 16th – under the umbrella name ItalianContract4HospitalityDesign (ic4hd).