fap ceramiche ic4hd 2012


fap ceramiche ic4hd 2012

Fap Ceramiche

The world of ceramics and the world of wallpaper interweave to give life to the new Fly collection by Fap Ceramiche.

Fly is a collection of white body wall tiles which interplay with extremely cheerful and lively colors and décor, offered in the exclusive 25×75 cm size, an absolute novelty for Fap Ceramiche: a larger size compared to traditional versions with an elongated, elegant shape, which enhances the non-rectified range.

It comes with a glossy finish, the following color tones: Latte, Acqua, Anice, Ciliegia, Confetto, Pepe and Vaniglia; and the following patterns: Gocce, Eleganza, Righe, Colore Giardino and Fiori.

Fly is a contemporary concept which enhances the versatility of ceramics, a charming reworking of the wallpaper theme, designed to be used and customized not only in bathrooms, but also in kitchens, living rooms and hospitality design creations.

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