mast ic4hd 2012


mast ic4hd 2012

Mast 3.0

Composite materials are the plastic version of reinforced concrete, where resin stands for concrete and carbon fiber stands for iron rods.

Composite materials, which were initially developed for use in the aerospace field thanks to their performances and lightness, are nowadays used in numerous other fields. They are particularly adaptable, making them extremely valued by architects and designers, who are free to express themselves by creating innovative forms and structures which would be impossible to make with traditional materials. The world of high-performance composite materials is however strictly linked with craftsmanship: every single piece is made by hand with the help of equipment and tools to enhance quality, cut down on time, improve and guarantee the replication of the product. They therefore guarantee an extremely high level of quality and match perfectly with the essence of the well known “made in Italy” ideals. Advanced technology combined with the warranty of top quality craftsmanship. (Featured: Manta armchairs, designed by Robby Cantarutti, in New York).

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