The Cruise Project

Tirolo Group designs your style with Italian soul.

Tirolo Group offers “made in Italy” values in every project, from the small restaurant to the big cruise ship. Quality, design and delivery are gruaranteed.

Tirolo Group is able to study and develop upholstered chairs, lounge chairs, chaise longue, sofas and tables using any material requested by the customer such as wood, metal, fabric, marble.

For the Cruise Project Tirolo Group supplied 3,500 chairs, 800 dining tables and 6,000 bedside tables.

Lithos Design



Opus – design inlay work

44 types of marble, 6 patterns, 25 color ranges, material wastage reduced close to zero.

With Opus, sequences of 60cm x 60cm modules can be extended depending on the tastes and requirements of the designer.

Each module is easy to lay and it comes delivered in a completely finished form.

Lithos Design