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The target to establish itself in the world as a qualified supplier for the top international hotel chains and cruise lines is a strategy to which Indel B has always dedicated commitment, investments and attention. Among the latest refurbished hotels there are the Four Seasons Philadelphia, the AC Marriott Santa Clara and Le Méridien NYC.

Discover the whole range of Indel B products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, April 26-28, 2022.

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hd expo hdexpo ic4hd

Indel B supplied the Four Season Hotel Orlando with more than 400 minibar, model K60 ECOSMART

The line of K ECOSMART minibars enables hoteliers to choose eco-friendly and ultra-quiet products of the last generation with an exclusive design. Thanks to the new compressors, which offer best performance, with cyclopentane insulation, cooling gas (R600), and the eutectic plate that keeps temperature constant at night (when compressor is OFF), K ECOS MART products are part of the A+++ Energy Class with a consumption reduced by 77% compared to the leading absorption minibars on the market.
The electronic timer: sets the working phases of the compressor. Minimum 6 hrs over 24 (the energy consumption are extremely low).
The Smart System controls the turning on and off of the compressor based on the presence or absence of the guest in the room. The use of the Smart System requires the presence in the room of an Energy Saver device: a card-holder designed to save energy. To operate, the Smart System does not require any electronic timer or remote control.

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FLYINGBAR: 8 inches

Smart, agile, suspended. FLYINGBAR is the thinnest minibar in the world. Only 8 inches to re-defines the minibar concept.

The prestigious Studio Mussapi realized the design, Indel B the patented technology.

The new FLYING BAR combines Indel B’s well-established Smart Technology with a next generation Italian design, by using the energy saving cooling system. The new wall-mount glass door minibar is the thinnest in the world, and thanks to its versatility it allows many installation solutions, which implies a better functionality of the appliance and far greater accessibility for any guest, also in case of impairment.

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