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After a few years nonattendance, Stile Società Cooperativa is back to HD Expo.

Stile is 100% made in Italy since 1965 and today is a worldwide known brand, synonymous with quality and elegance. The continued use of more advanced and newer technology, together with the care and experience in selecting the most valuable wood species from all over the world allow Stile to be a leading brand name in the wood flooring market. Thanks to the partnership with Bona, a world leader in wooden floor finishes, Stile has unique finishes available such as Natural UV and Traffic UV.

Stile is a transparent company that has obtained all the necessary certifications and guarantees for quality and compliance, in particular towards consumer protection.

Collection: Tekne
Product: Sizes

That’s how the new STILE collection was born: geometry and lines which merge together with the new aesthetic trends and with the research of new decorative combinations. A continuous research of linearity, synonymous of coherence, tidiness and order to be combined with fantasy, experimentation and imagination.

Discover the whole range of Stile wooden floors at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas 2022, April 26 to 28.

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Lea Ceramiche brings back to Hospitality Design Expo 2022 its perfect synthesis of visionary design and technological performance: a partner of creativity everywhere in the world for all types of architectural projects that seek distinction through a unique and recognizable style.

Continuous innovation, absolute performance reliability and a daring approach have made it an undisputed star of global architecture, enabling it to clench significant and prestigious partnerships with internationally acclaimed designers and project design professionals.

The company’s innovation is based on constant experimentation which, thanks to the development of cutting-edge production systems and technologies, enables Lea Ceramiche to offer its customers a wide range of top-quality products, earning it prestigious awards around the world, both for its excellent technical performance and design content.

New yet iconic, Masterpiece, by Ferruccio Laviani, is an alphabet of colours and material, a sequence of modular notes that can generate different scores.

The porcelain stoneware collection consists of 10 colours divided into two different artificial surfacesMaster, inspired by concrete, and Piece, inspired by Seminato, which can be freely combined together or used separately. These fertile and versatile effects unleash the creativity of architects and interior designers in a stimulating interplay of combinations.

From 30×60 cm to the impressive 120×120 cm, Masterpiece offers a wide range of modular sizes, it is durable and resistant, practical and versatile, healthy and safe thanks to its integrated antibacterial Protect® technology, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Discover the whole range of Lea Ceramiche products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas 2022, April 26 to 28.

Stoneglass HD 2022

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Stoneglass HD 2022

IC4HD welcomes back to the group STONEGLASS®

STONEGLASS® is a material produced by a process of dissolving and crystallization of silicon particles, very similar to the formation of natural granite. STONEGLASS® retains all the properties of glass intact, and combines them with the qualities of stone. A zero environmental impact product, the material is manufactured through a process that achieves crystallization without the use of resins or solvents, so it can be used with no risk to health and emits no odor. It does not contain any components or substances harmful to health, and it’s completely recyclable.

Discover the unique quality of STONEGLASS® at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, April 26-28 2022

Hospitality Design Expo 2022

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That’s what Italian companies can add to hospitality projects.

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