GREEN | Piva Windows

PVA is a very ecological material in terms of environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. It does not affect natural resources; it is made from raw materials, without drawing on those with limited availability and compared to other competing materials has a minimal environmental load in terms of CO2 emissions.

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PROJECTS | Londonart | Riverside Kitchen


Riverside Kitchen is one of the most renowned kitchen schools in New York City. Londonart decorated this exclusive location with Liviæ Hortus wallpaper.

LIVIÆ HORTUS: designed by Francesca Besso, it’s a botanical garden keeping vegetation from all over the world, palm trees, vines, bushes, and in the foreground a fruit tree reminiscent of Mediterranean gardens. The combination of the fresh shades of green and the colors of the fruits give life to an artistic wall covering capable of brightening up the space. The composition is animated by small birds that fly from one shrub to another. The style of this composition is timeless and brings us back to ancient illustrations and frescoes.


Location: New York, US

Year: 2020

Product / Support: Liviæ Hortus wallpaper / Raw-S120 / Non-woven Vinyl Substrate for interior

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GREEN | Stoneglass


Stoneglass® is a material produced by a process of dissolving and crystallization of silicon particles, very similar to the formation of natural granite. Stoneglass® retains all the properties of glass intact, and combines them with the qualities of stone.

A zero environmental impact product, the material is manufactured through a process that achieves crystallization without the use of resins or solvents, so it can be used with no risk to health and emits no odor. It does not contain any components or substances harmful to health, and it’s completely recyclable.

Discover the unique quality of STONEGLASS® at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.

New Entry to Hospitality Design Expo 2021: Spazio Soft Seating

IC4HD is very pleased to add another new entry to the group: SPAZIO SOFT SEATING

Inspired by soft & natural international coastal ease, The Spazio Performance Soft Seating Collection embodies the notion of “Tulum meets Mykonos” and in-between. The collection combines the ease of soft seating with the high-end, modern design style and quality. With grand, performance features and a com modious yet sleek design,this collection truly makes a clean statement in terms of presence and scale. They are slick and distinguished with a simple execution, and their volume and scale give them a grand presence as well as an inviting, all-enveloping sense of comfort.

The collection highlights remarkable outdoor performance characteristics. The pieces merge the ideas of style and comfort together, featuring wide, straight arms, an ample and inviting depth ideal for lounging and relaxing.

A Soft Seating collection that can incorporate European casual relaxed design, timeless tradition and quality into a modern marriage and understatement of ‘life’ and ‘style’. Each piece can be used in a full outdoor space, such as a patio, terrace, or deck, but also could be used indoor and can stand up to commercial traffic, pets and children.

Discover Spazio Soft Seating at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.