GREEN | Varaschin | Il Gattopardo di Lampedusa

To be green means to know how to integrate products with the surroundings, so that they become part of the environment.

Varaschin Outdoor Therapy furniture has been selected for the restyling of the hotel Il Gattopardo in Lampedusa, Sicily. Varaschin armchairs, chairs and tables designed for outdoors are part of an outdoor living design project that respects the surrounding nature of this authentic and wild island. Varaschin furniture fits into the outdoor spaces, pergolas and terraces of the hotel, creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, for enjoying a dream vacation or a magical event.

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GREEN | Wall&decò | CWC-ECO

CWC-ECO is the new non-woven backing coated with cellulose and polyester fibres, inspired by the need for real eco-sustainable interior design and construction solutions.

CWC-ECO embraces the theme of ecology on two fronts. On the one hand, in terms of the production process – CWC-ECO is made using an energy-efficient process – and on the other hand, in terms of disposal: the new substrate is 100% recyclable.

PVC and phthalates-free, it meets the requirements of the Indoor Air Comfort Gold test plan and French VOC Regulation A+ as regards the Volatile Organic Compounds emission threshold.

CWC-ECO also has excellent breathability and is compliant with fire regulations class B s1 d0, class A in the USA.

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GREEN | IC4HD at HD Expo 2022

🍀 Excellence goes hand in hand with Eco-sustainability. ☘

Italian companies continuously work to conjugate aesthetic and design with sustainability, in order to manufacture products designed to improve the quality of life.

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GREEN | Grassi Pietre


Grassi Pietre places sustainability at the center of its production and business development policies. The natural materials are extracted from underground quarries, with a minimum impact from a landscape and environmental point of view for the surrounding area. When the quarry is exhausted, the entrance is secured, and the surrounding environment restored. The quantity of extracted material is regulated to allow the procurement of the company in compliance with regional and national regulations.

Grassi Pietre also pays attention to the use of renewable energy, thanks to the use of a modern photovoltaic system installed at the production plant in Nanto (VI).

With a view to recovering waste material resulting from the excavation and transformation of natural stone, in recent years Grassi Pietre has developed a line of cement agglomerates made with a mixture of Vicenza stone grit, white Portland cement and water. This product, called PIETRANOVA , allows the company to give new life to materials that would otherwise be considered as waste, and to improve at the same time the technical characteristics of natural stone. Only recycled material is used for the mixture, namely Vicenza stone coming directly from the Grassi Pietre quarries, which gives the finished product beauty and value, also thanks to the high percentage of natural stone used. Pietranova is available in three color variants, white, yellow and gray, depending on the residue of grit that is used in the mixture.

Pietranova is an ecological and environmental-friendly material, as it does not contain epoxy resins or dangerous chemicals. Aside from stone grit, only white Portland cement and water are used for the production of Pietranova: since cement is an inert material, the resulting agglomerate is completely ecological, free from harmful substances. Pietranova is a 100% Made in Italy product, is CE certified and meets all legislation requirements for the uses for which it is intended. Thanks to its low environmental impact, it can be installed in any place and is an exceptional solution for modern construction.

Grassi Pietre continues its investments in research and development, creating in the last year a new ecological product to integrate the Pietranova offer and recover production waste: a new cement agglomerate, called Alpi 4.0 , made with clasts of Grigio Alpi and Grigio Argento, produced without any resins or harmful chemicals.

Grassi Pietre aim to reduce production scraps is also demonstrated by the new PATTERN  collection for wall and floor tiles, created for the company new showroom in Nanto (VI). The reduced formats permit to make the most of the raw slabs, minimizing waste and optimizing production.

All this is possible thanks to Grassi Pietre team of experienced technicians and operators who are constantly updated, thanks to the continuous training that the company offers. In Grassi Pietre, technology and craftsmanship blend together: new refined projects made with the historic materials of the company’s quarries are the result of craftsmanship and the best technologies available for stone processing. The expertise of the team of highly qualified personnel allows Grassi Pietre to develop any project by offering the necessary technical and design support.

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GREEN | Slide



Queen of Love (design Moro e Pigatti) is a timeless icon, this is why SLIDE took inspiration from infinity!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Queen of Love, SLIDE looked upwards: romantic, limitless, dreamy – the starry sky has been a source of desire since the beginning of time. Queen of Love “Stardust” shines bright like the stars, “Aurora” reflects the colours of the Northern Lights, “Andromeda” reminds of the endless galaxies, “Orione” recalls the most fascinating visible constellation.

The special editions Queen loves Nature adore the environment: the base colour is Jet Black, which is obtained by completely recycled plastic. Just like in a primordial chaos, the vergin recyclable material we use is only a small part, but it releases a mix of colours that only SLIDE deep knowledge of rotational moulding technology can turn into a tangible creation.

SLIDE loves the environment that surrounds its products: the production process works only with 100% recycled and recyclable polyethylene. SLIDE would respect the virtuous path of the circular economy: every products at the end of its life cycle, turns into plastic powder and it gives life to a new item. This is possible because polyethylene is 100% recyclable: the row material is a single-material polymer, so it is composed by a single type of material. Thanks to the purity of the material, SLIDE can 100% recycle the polyethylene, and the 40% of our production is recycled.

Discover the whole range of SLIDE products at the upcoming HD Expo Las Vegas, August 24-25, 2021.