friul mosaic

Tradition and innovation: two indissolubly connected dimensions that have characterised the craftsmanship philosophy and entrepreneurial vision of Friul Mosaic from the very beginning. The company in San Martino al Tagliamento was officially founded in 1987 from the passion of its founder, master mosaicist William Bertoia. One of Friul Mosaic’s strengths is its craftsmen: all highly qualified, from the historic Friuli Mosaic School in Spilimbergo. Each mosaic work is made entirely by hand with sartorial rigour and precision applied to every stage of the process.


Wall&decò is a reference point in the production and marketing of contemporary made-to-measure wallpaper. The wide range of products and an increasingly international market are underpinned by a sartorial vocation for unique products, developed ad hoc and readapted to each specific project to provide bespoke wall decoration solutions.

Quality, technique and aesthetics are the pillars of Wall&decò operation on a daily basis. Wall&decò offers a design service with various levels of customization, ranging from the adaptation of colors and sizes of numerous graphics in the collection, to the creation of entirely new subjects created specifically for the customer, satisfying even the most complex project requirements.



Stile is 100% made in Italy since 1965 and today it is a well-known brand all around the world, synonymous with quality and elegance. The continued use of more advanced and newer technology, together with the care and experience in selecting the most valuable wood species from all over the world, allow Stile to be a leading brand name in the wood flooring market. The partnership with Bona, a world leader in wooden floor finishes, grants the availability of premium finishes, such as Natural UV and Traffic UV. Stile is a transparent company that has obtained all the necessary, certified guarantees for quality and compliance with all legal considerations and in particular consumer protection.


Londonart Wallpaper is a leading international company specialized in exclusive wallpapers. The iconic Italian brand, founded by Nicola Bottegal in 2011, is considered one of the most prestigious and recognisable brands in the world of design.
The brand identity is an explosive combination of fashion, graphic and architectural elements. Materials, fabrics, aesthetics and decoration are combined with functionality and the need to rationalize spaces, resulting in solutions with a strong impact. Contemporary needs have turned Londonart wallpaper into a product that is very much in demand, aimed at fulfilling the needs of designers, architects and interior decorators.





STONEGLASS® was created to satisfy many of the needs of today’s materials market.
Throughout history, man has always strived to discover, or manufacture, new materials based on three criteria: aesthetics, versatility and availability. Today we live at a turning point. Now we must also consider an additional criteria: the environmental impact of our materials. STONEGLASS® is a new material that satisfies all four criteria.