The story begins in 1919, when a small workshop was opened to produce hand-crafted wooden chairs, in the heart of what is today known worldwide as the Italian Chair District. One hundred years of history, the dedication and passion of 5 generations at the helm of the company, the success stories and the constant desire to innovate have made us a modern and international brand specialised in manufacturing chairs and tables for the healthandcare sector.

All the collections are “designed for all”, with considerable attention to the specific nature and needs of the healthandcare sector, combining aesthetics and comfort with fundamental aspects such as accessibility, usability, robustness, hygiene, functionality and safety.

Piaval carefully selects the upholstery used in its models, favouring innovative high-performance fabrics. Hygiene is a fundamental criterion in the choice of the coverings. They are sanitized guaranteed, washable resistant to bacteria and they undergo anti-stain treatments.  The wooden structures of the seats also meet high standards of hygiene and functionality.