Business Development

Lanari Associates is a service company whose mission is to accompany Italian companies on international markets.

Under the Italian Contract 4HD brand, it has been carrying out promotional and networking actions on the US market since 2011. With a consolidated knowledge of both the Italian and US furniture sector, Lanari Associates has built a number of connections and relationships with the main contract and hospitality players.

Today this expertise allows Lanari Associates to offer a wide range of services to Italian companies that want to enter or further expand their presence on the US market:

  • analysis of the existing and potential market
  • identification of target segments
  • finding of potential customers
  • development of commercial networks
  • selection of the most suitable trade fairs and promotional events
  • planning of meetings and special events aimed at selected groups targeted with the client’s objectives
  • communication activities towards customers and business partners.

Lanari Associates’s scope of activites also includes services for international professionals, selecting the best Italian firms able to face the US market for hospitality design, distinguished for a structured organization, real-time answers, and flawless executions.