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Elledue s.r.l. manufactures furniture for hospitality, cruises, home interiors. It is located in Veneto, a renowned region for top quality materials such as wood, marble and fabrics.
Passion and tradition are the values that can be found in everything Elledue creates, thanks also to special collaborations with great artisans and producers which shares the same company goals. Customization and detail care are Elledue strengths, as well as a continuous innovation of design and techniques, their products are designed to create elegant and functional interiors that range from light classic to modern and contemporary styles.
Elledue can satisfy any need thanks to its flexibility, the company produces a single item in the same way as thousands of them, with knowledge, attention and quality control, from the first piece to the last. Every item is tested several times, according to the most up-to-date international requirements, to guarantee products that last over time.
Elledue s.r.l. is proud to spread its products all over the world.

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