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IN LV | Interviews


The series of interviews with the HD Expo Italian exhibitors continues with Michele Crociani, Business Development Manager at Indel B.

This was the second time of Indel B at HD Expo and Michele underlines both the high number and quality of the operators he met: far beyond his expectations!

This is certainly due to the upturn of the hospitality sector in the US but also to the innovative product they presented – the KD50 Smart drawer minibar.

Let’s listen to what Michele is going to tell us…


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IN LV | Interviews

gervasoni ic4hd hd expo 2014Here we are with the first interview to HD Expo 2014 players!

Neil Somerfield is partner at imoderni llc, a US company that represents some high-end Italian brands and in particular Gervasoni SpA.
Neil talks about his experience at HD Expo during the last 6 years: his impression about the fair, the benefit of the new positioning, the profile of the professionals he met… And finally he offers some very useful tips for the Italian companies wishing to enter the US Hospitality market.