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Elegance, Reliability, Experience, Technique and Style are the common features of IC4HD participants: the best professionals that can deliver the best results.

Elegant and Stylish products grant the touch of Italian Style to any hospitality project.

Reliable companies: approved track record of successful realizations in the US delivered with superb technique.

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hd expo hdexpo ic4hd

IC4HD exhibitors are also environment conscious, most of them are in possession of the certifications and features needed to work in international hospitality projects.

The five companies of the ceramics section (Atlas Concorde, Caesar CeramicheCeramiche Marca Corona, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola, Lea Ceramiche and Mirage) operate according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) parameters and are all member of the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition to this they all own certification like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 that prove the overall quality system of the company and the environmental management system.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system for the development of “green” buildings. It is nowadays one of the most widespread environmental rating systems in the North-American building industry and is starting to be adopted throughout the rest of the world. The certification method rates a building on the basis of its compliance with various pre-requisites, like the type of materials and resources used. Summing up, in relation to the characteristics and production process in which they are manufactured (i.e: using a considerable percentage of recycled pre-consumer materials), ceramic tiles can contribute to a building, to obtaining LEED credits.

For its minibars K ECOSMART, Indel B (ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified) introduced an advanced solution that grants absolute quietness and an extremely low energy consumption. These minibars are the ones in energy efficiency class A+++, they absorb 83% less energy than the best minibars available on the market and are environment-care designed, granting at the same time a significant economic saving.

Marmi Faedo promotes an environmentally – sustainable quarry with a reforestation program that neutralizes the environmental impact. The marble company recognizes the value of nature and the mountains dedicating a lot of time to the quarry, eliminating exploitation and neutralizing the environmental impact. Marmi Faedo presented a reclamation project that contemplates the full reforestation of the mountain as the extraction activity goes on, by sowing grass and planting trees. This project has successfully passed the procedure foreseen by the pertinent regulations, receiving the approval of the Italian Council, Provincial and Regional authorities.

Mosaico Digitale mosaic tiles are made with a 2mm thick resin layer with a weight of only 1.2 kg per meter, this light feature makes the tiles suitable to be used also in those places that needs to carry a light weight, like a wall surface, i.e inside of an elevator cabin, allowing a substantial energetic saving.

Varaschin uses mostly wood that is FSC certified. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a global not-for-profit organization that sets the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially.

Experienced deliveries: all IC4HD companies (including ElledueIl Giardino di Legno and Loloey) are suitable to perform into the best projects regarding the hospitality sector in the US market. IC4HD companies are all already distributed in United States  ̶  some of them also have production plants in the US  ̶  where they realized multiple projects for hotels, restaurants, theaters, cruise ships, malls, … .

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Technique IC4HD

As a conductor chooses the most excellent players for its orchestra, as a chef chooses the most tasteful ingredients for the its recipes, also architects and designers can choose among IC4HD participants the most excellent suppliers for their projects and realizations in order to get the best results with the best elements and add The Touch of Italian Style to their projects.

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MAAT by Philippe Bestenheider

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Varaschin Maat garden armchair designed by Philippe Bestenheider is hand-woven in synthetic fiber of various colors and has a very stable and durable steel structure. The seat is wide and comfortable and offers support for back and arms: Maat armchair is ideal for moments of relaxation in the open air.

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Mosaico Digitale Graffiti For Smart City, is the result of an urban qualification project. The concept is to beautify cities through a Smart Wall composed by a technology of bioresin tiles.
This project starts with the idea of installing Smart Wall in the most important cities in the world creating a sort of international network and co-creating the greatest work of art globally. Smart Wall also, allows the City Administrator to connect with the residents, sharing information on Energy saving, Security and Democratic Services. Smart Wall for Smart Cities works using an App with a Software System that, trough the installation of a series of sensors called “beacon sensors”, allows the interaction with nearby smart phones.
The same principle can be applied also in the Hospitality environment, using the Smart Wall System for a fast check in and check out.

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Elledue produced 4000 pieces of the Spilinga chair for the cruise ship company Holland America.

The chair was custom made for the client, that needed a stable and resistant product that could also be handy and easy to clean.

Elledue realized then a hole on the top part that could be used as a handle, in order to improve the grip and the practicality of the chair. The drilled armrests are raised  from the seating part, allowing an easier cleaning; they also make the structure lighter and give a better grip to move the product around.

Elledue produced 1600 pieces of the Brunico chair for the cruise ship company Holland America.

The request in this case was for a chair with simple lines and features, light but compfortable, suitable for a lunch room with many seats.

Elledue realized Brunico chair thinking about a not too much elaborate structure easy to be moved around, thanks to its wide armrests, with a well lined seating.

The fabric of the seatback is a recall of the 70ies, but the overall look results contemporary.

Lea Ceramiche



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Lea Ceramiche presents at HD Expo 2018 the new collection Nextone.

This is a collection of traditional thickness which achieves an engineered stone effect.
Combining stones from four different quarries, whose characteristics are fused together, and adding original graphic designs, creates a stone which doesn’t exist in nature, but has a natural aesthetic quality and a very balanced effect.
A decorative style is present in the collection and is expressed in three contemporary textures: Line, Dot and Mark re-create lightweight effects that can be combined with natural and honed finishes of the base modules, to create flowing, coordinated environments.