Ceramica d'Imola



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The floor covering of the lobby area of the Cross Point Center has been realized using Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola Micron 2.0 collection.

The Micron 2.0 project uses the name of one of Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola bestsellers and reinterprets it in a contemporary perspective, to meet the needs of public or private architecture. Innovative technology, new fashionable colors and new formats, amongst which also the extra-size 60×120 cm and 120×120 cm, are the main features of this resistant and lasting full body porcelain stoneware, ideal for exteriors, living and commercial spaces.
Micron 2.0 represents the evolution of the project in order to remain at the top of the game with the possibility of including low walls and three-dimensional mosaics.

Caesar Ceramiche



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The Root wood-effect ceramic series has been chosen for the common indoor environments of Brookwood Village  to add a touch of nature, energy and a substantial appeal.

In its 30×120 cm size and Nocciola colour, this Caesar collection recalls in a particularly authentic manner all the features of hand-crafted wood and interprets a precious natural material to make it suitable for adding elegance and warmth to any space.

Atlas concorde



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The Marvel furnishing project, used for Kaye Scholer Headquarters includes porcelain stoneware floors and coordinate wall tiles, giving a touch of refined elegance to the entire structure.

Style and project dimension is the result of the coming together of the elegance of the marble-effect and the contemporary style chosen for the furnishings.

Kaye Scholer Headquarters show how Atlas Concorde marble-effect porcelain stoneware floors merge aesthetic research with the excellent technical features of the tiles, such as resistance, durability and easy maintenance.




FLYINGBAR re-defines the minibar concept

The prestigious Studio Mussapi realized the design, Indel B the patented technology. The new FLYINGBAR combines Indel B’s well-established Smart Technology with a next generation Italian design, by using the energy saving cooling system.

The new wall-mount glass door minibar is the thinnest in the world. Thanks to its versatility, it allows many installation solutions. This implies a better functionality of the appliance and far greater accessibility for any guest, also in case of impairment.

Smart, agile, suspended. FLYINGBAR is the thinnest minibar in the world.

Privilege Mirage



The Privilege of excellence with precious details

Privilege slabs by Mirage are genuine gems in terms of wall coverings. They are re-interpretation of luxurious sought-after stones and elements of pure design. Technology and research joining hands to liberate shapes and colours, creating slabs that are ceramic works of art.

Skills of the craftsman is combined with the latest, cutting edge technology. The result is something truly unique for covering, decorating and interpreting how you want to live.

Privilege Mirage