loloey Iberostar Hotel New York



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Loloey produced two hand tufted area rugs for the lobby of the Iberostar Hotel in New York in 2017.

The two rugs have a dimension of 19’x12’, both of them have custom design and are made in New Zealand wool and polished cotton. Loloey worked in collaboration with Iberostar’s internal Design department, elaborating on their initial inspiration; in addition, Loloey also produced the hotel’s custom axminster carpets (80% wool – 20% nylon) for the guestrooms and the corridors, for a total of 58,000 sq. foot.

lea ceramiche



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Lea Ceramiche provided its Slimtech ultra thin slabs for the covering of the common areas of Carlos Rosario International PCS Cooking School.

Slimtech is Lea Ceramiche series featured by the innovative large thin slabs of 5.5mm thick which combine extraordinary lightness, strength (thanks to the exclusive fibreglass reinforcement) and sustainability, due to production with reduced environmental impact regarding the use of raw materials and emissions.

Indel b



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Indel B supplied the Four Season Hotel Orlando with more than 400 minibar, model K60 ECOSMART

The line of K ECOSMART minibars enables hoteliers to choose eco-friendly and ultra-quiet products of the last generation with an exclusive design. Thanks to the new compressors, which offer best performance, with cyclopentane insulation, cooling gas (R600), and the eutectic plate that keeps temperature constant at night (when compressor is OFF), K ECOS MART products are part of the A+++ Energy Class with a consumption reduced by 77% compared to the leading absorption minibars on the market.
The electronic timer: sets the working phases of the compressor. Minimum 6 hrs over 24 (the energy consumption are extremely low).
The Smart System controls the turning on and off of the compressor based on the presence or absence of the guest in the room. The use of the Smart System requires the presence in the room of an Energy Saver device: a card-holder designed to save energy. To operate, the Smart System does not require any electronic timer or remote control.